The Worst Bugs On Bad Company 2 Right Now Are... writes, "Bad Company 2 has seen a lot of good press lately, as many happy gamers are thankful for a break from other FPS titles strewn with their own imbalances. Reasonably balanced classes, vehicles that are used for more then just camping a spawn point, and defined combat roles all work together to create an experience that's really hard to beat. Even better seems to be the community itself, which despite the amount of bugs that have been experienced, has taken everything in stride. While many of the experienced bugs can be blamed upon some occasional unruly server lag (or just a few bad servers as a whole), some glitches are much more difficult to deal with."

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mephman4112d ago

I really hope they get on top of this quickly. Let's hope the server maintenance helps solves some of the problems.

ShawnCollier4112d ago

Yeah, they don't want another MW2.

Sanrin4112d ago

it's an awesome game, just needs fixing!

MmaFanQc4112d ago

is the worst.

im playing at 15-25fps...

Perjoss4112d ago

I dont like how many times I get stuck on scenery, and it sucks when enemies have a good heli pilot with a gunner who knows what he's doing. But everything else is great. Also does anyone else get lots of Mexican standoffs? when you are having a 1 on 1 and you both kill each other, happens to me alot.

lsujester4112d ago

I get them a lot, too. From the looks of it, the lag is letting you both register a killshot before the other shoots, and both of you die when it catches up.

I get it a lot sniping against other snipers, but that's more understandable with the distance. It's odd, however, when you're at point blank range and it happens.

vhero4112d ago

Most these problems are only on 360 thanks god as I havn't suffered from hardly any of them. The main one I had is the game freezing soon As a map has loaded happened 3 times now. As for this anything like MW2 get real these are not glitches that help players get massively ahead these are just annoyances ruining the game for everybody.

Consoldtobots4112d ago

I have all 3 versions and they rank like this when it comes to smooth experience

PS3 = best experience right now, no lag, consistent gameplay and little downtime

PC = great graphics just a notch above the PS3 version in refresh rate and resolution, BUT HORRIBLE menu system, ATROCIOUS gamepad implementation, and lack of a good HUD while in game really hurt this version.

360 = a hot mess, I haven't been able to play a game with my live friends for over a week, basically you get as far as the loading screen and then get kicked out to the 360 dashboard. No stop to collect $200, straight outta the game you go. pathetic.

Red Panda4112d ago

I really haven't experienced any of these problems. This is one intense game. When it goes down it really goes down. This is a great game to play with three other friends and that little chopper and four wheelers are just too fun.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Dying at the same time you kill someone isn't because of lag. Its because actual bullets come out of your gun. All COD's weapons are Hitscan (as soon as you fire the shot hits, whereas BFBC2 the bullets have to go through the air.

If theres one thing that annoys me its losing connection to the game server. I had like 30+ kills with the XM8 after 30 minutes in the same Rush game. Then suddenly whilst attacking the last base me and all the people i entered the game with were kicked. I lost all the kills and xp i got.

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ShawnCollier4112d ago

Man, it seems like all the FPSs today are having bugs...

mephman4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Let's hope the trend doesn't continue with future releases.

Foxgod4112d ago

Bug free software doesnt exist.

mephman4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

True, but recently the bugs have been much more prominent.

lsujester4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Games are getting so much more complicated. More code, more features, more terrain, more players... it's harder to account for everything without months of testing. Even betas can be deceiving because you're never really sure how many people will buy your game, and you don't get to beta every single map.

Not to mention that developers are getting put under more strain to finish games because of financial reasons. It's hard enough to make profit when you release on time, much less when you hold on to it for another year.

Consoldtobots4112d ago

actually CAN be eliminated with thorough and careful CODE DESIGN, I find the best approach is to adapt parts of the code to real world concepts (i.e. machines and what they would need to accomplish a given task, it's basically engineering)

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Hardedge4112d ago

Is this just for the console version or is the PC version having the same issues too?

ShawnCollier4112d ago

Looks like it might be all w/ some specific bugs.

Serjikal_Strike4112d ago

this game pawns modern warfare 2

Another One4112d ago

How much did they get for it?

mrv3214112d ago

Just fix the recon so that not everyone on your team goes sniper. I hate when that happens. Recently I unlocked smoke grenades hopefully I can flush them out.

Serjikal_Strike4112d ago

so this kind of thing doesnt happen

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