Mass Effect 2 Carried Over 700 Plot "Hooks" From Original Game Saves

Kotaku: Players of the original Mass Effect had a big impact on the story of the second, if they imported their character save from the first game. BioWare imported some 700 player choices and associated plot points into Mass Effect 2.

BioWare lead cinematic designer Armando Troisi said during today's Mass Effect 2 Game Developers Conference session that it was "the small things" that mattered when carrying over player data from the original Xbox 360 and PC sci-fi role-playing game.

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SnuggleBandit3144d ago

really hope this comes to the ps3, its a great game!

NegativeCreepWA3144d ago

If it does they should also release the first one to. I couldn't imagine playing the second without the first.

Allowen3144d ago

I played so far some amazing games this year :
-finished Dragon Age :Origin for the 3rd time and looking foward for the expansion.
-Heavy Rain
-Mass Effect 2
- Final fantasy 13

And for now the game of the year for me is Mass Effect 2 and I don't even need to think twice about that.

dgroundwater3144d ago

Well Heavy Rain and FFXIII are amazin stuff. Are you sure you don't even have to think? That sounds like an awful tough choice to me!

Fanb0y3144d ago

Mass Effect 2 was an incredible experience.

I only thought some shooting elements, AI, and the level design were weak, but then again, that's because I played many top-tier shooters before. I loved the game as a whole.

Hotel_Moscow3144d ago

imagine what it could have done with hd dvd and a mandatory hard drive installation

IdleLeeSiuLung3144d ago

Yeah it is called the PC, I didn't buy a PC.

kesvalk3144d ago

it was so good when i started the imported game, and saw the picture of my lover on mass effect 1 on a portrait on a desk XD

it felt like i was still playing the same game, it felt like my actions on 1 game really mattered...

more games should do that...

Brixxer6003143d ago

Part 3 should be amazing after the choices that you're forced to make in part 2 , can't wait.