Is Street Fighter IV Capcom's Mystery Project?

Arcade Renaissance has posted visual evidence linking Capcom's mystery project to Street Fighter IV. Though it is only a simple artifact from the website, the teaser site does seem to borrow a lot of visiual elements from the Third Strike website in Japan. Could Street Fighter IV be Capcom's new 2D fighting game?

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ElementX4125d ago

"Street Fighter" and "New" shouldn't be in the same sentence.

Bloodmask4125d ago

with open arms. Bring it Capcom. And make it all high res artwork and online compatible.

I don't see how anyone can knock SF. It is the king that started it all.

Rhezin4125d ago

what it SHOULD be is a new next-gen ONIMUSHA! that would rule for both platforms.

nextgengaming184125d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't want street fighter 4. The game would clearly suck in 3d, and would suck if they make the game look realistic. They can't really do anything to improve the game, so why bother?

Honeal2g4125d ago

it wouldnt be the first time they made it 3d...Street Fighter Ex plus Alpha is a perfect example and that game was imagine it remade or something millions of copies
those specials would be nasty in High Def/REs watever

Keyser4124d ago

I agree Honeal2g, SF Alpha was hot and I think if they kept that scheme going that it could easily be on the baddest 3D fighters out but I'm not even opposed to them doing it in 2D. I'll take SF anyway I can get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.