GameSpy: PlayStation Move Roundtable

GameSpy's editorial staff sits down to talk about Sony's upcoming motion-controller.

At this week's Game Developers Conference Sony unveiled the first batch of games for its motion-based controller, officially named the PlayStation Move. After touting a strong 2010 game lineup Sony's execs showed off a series of casual-focused marketing videos and game demonstrations involving the Move and its optional attachment, labeled by Sony as the "Sub-controller." Sound like anything you've ever seen before? Here's what GameSpy's editors thought about Sony's new toy.

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sinncross3167d ago

I understand the skepticism but we should wait for E3 when people get to play games that are not 'pre-alpha'

NateNater3167d ago

Pre-alpha or not, they're not just going to sit there and not give thier opinion on it. They want to voice themselves.