Riding the Coat-Tails of FPS Success: Halo Reach

After watching the Halo Reach multiplayer reveal trailer, Bitmob noticed that it seemed like the newer Call of Duty games. Don't get them wrong, it's still has more of the same gameplay mechanics, but the evident changes seen in the trailer really stick out and say "hey, this is an unoriginal new feature but Bungie is putting it in and labeling it as another title so that no one notices that it isn't original at all."

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no_more_trolling3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

i guess only call of duty games should have sprinting

change is good


Convas3233d ago

Agreed. I'm quite tired of the idiots saying the Halo Reach is now trying to be Call of Duty. Seriously, shut up. Halo needs fresh innovations. These added features will only make the game better.