Future Final Fantasy titles to draw inspiration from Uncharted

Uncharted and Final Fantasy are dramatically different games. That may be changing, though, according to Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama.

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Natsu X FairyTail3166d ago

Thats why SE and alot of japanese rpgs are failing nowadays they try to westernize the games too much.

Last rebelion sucks and the creators said they were trying to make the game more western. smh

gauntletpython3166d ago

I dunno, more interactivity sounds good to me lol. You could set the controller to just keep mashing X and you could beat FF13.

Optical_Matrix3166d ago

..uh, no you couldn't. Fight Enki and Enlil by mashing X and tell me how far that gets you.

Noctis Aftermath3166d ago

Whilst i'd normally welcome a game becoming more like uncharted, i just cannot be happy about this, final fantasy shouldn't try to be like a action-adventure game, it's an RPG!!! the sooner square enix remember that, the sooner they get back on track.

Sprudling3165d ago

Mashing X in FF13 won't get you far. The game starts off very easy, but in the end you'll most likely have had more game overs than any other FF. A game over in FF13 isn't a big deal though, and I think it's a good thing considering the difficulty.

Obama3165d ago

I agree as they are called japanese rpg for a reason. That's why persona 4 and VC are still the best jrpg this generation.

Neo6043165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

you can only control one character, all you do is pressing X doing auto pilot.

exploration is one of the best thing bout FF. this game you run on a straight path. Only one summon per character?
I can go on and on talking sh1t bout this game.

oh ya and what up with the unneccsary cut scene after cut scene.
at least MGS4 cutscene is relavant to the story.

Damn Square, I love the good old days FF.

iamtehpwn3165d ago

Final Fantasy XV to pwn complete and utter ass.

Godmars2903165d ago

Last Rebellion should have been a PSP game by the look of it.

Thou I do think FFXIII could have greatly benefited from an areal dogfight mini-game. Not that Square has shown the talent that they could do it, or even had the room.

On DVD...

dougr3165d ago

I'm 100% sure that was just a figurative way of saying the game is just to linear and simple. I mean if you want to be "technical" just mashing the X button wouldn't get you even 1 foot into the game considering you can't move with X.

Regardless I hope they do something with the final fantasy series because this last game was a huge let down to me. Then again I'm also in the minority that enjoyed the openness of FFXII.

RedPawn3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

The is a huge reason xiii funnels your characters/story within such a confined space, then opens up after the battle w/the pope dude, forgot his name.

Seeing the days woven into each characters perspective, effected by the Pulce L'Cie, and why each one come together is the grand design 1st for SE.

The music is absolutley stunning, and bring on the cutscenes SE is know for flushing out their projects with stunning visuals. There isn't an RPG out that has this amount detail out now, and I refuse to gripe about it because of the Multiplat issue.

I bought it for PS3, and have loved it since I put it in, they are the masters at this and continue to push themselves forward.

Millah3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

If the Japanese wouldn't worry so much about Americans, and stayed focused on bringing their unique culture and signature to the industry, then Japanese games wouldn't have taken a dive this generation. They've obsessed themselves so much about trying to change their style, and it hasn't worked out well for them. MGS4 and Mario Galaxy were both games that retained their Japanese culture and design style, and both of those games are two of the best games this generation.

God oh god when will they realize this.

Ravage273165d ago

is that at least they pick the right game to emulate. UC2 is only matched by GOW3 when it comes to interactive action sequences.

Unfortunately, this will probably kill the franchise if handled badly. The franchise has already lost 80% of its soul and will soon become unrecognisable by its core fanbase if the 'westernisation' process continues. Dunno about you guys, but FF CGI is always something i look forward to and they are stunning as always in FF13. I don't wanna see them ditched just because they can't squeeze it into a DVD.

I have an idea of what they were trying to do in FF13. Like UC2, Kitase was trying a non-stop-action style of storytelling and (unwisely) chose to streamline the game by eliminating all the 'excess' elements for the sake of pacing. I guess it was all done to lure in the new generation of gamers, but it has really pissed off the true fans. A great pity coz the story was well written :/

Think again Kitase, FF isn't all about constant battles punctuated by CGI and cutscenes. We want our towns back. And the minigames. And a huge selection of sidequest.

Swiftfox3165d ago

Please do not blame the short coming of Final Fantasy XIII as you see them, on the designers. When a company wants to create a game the word comes from the top executives, stating what they want to the director chosen.

The big company looks at the figures. In this case, their western released games are not earning enough. A memo goes to the Director stating that they want the game to be more Western geared to maximize potential sales.

If you are going to blame anyone, blame the current market. A market that continually marks Japanese game lower for not doing anything different and then give a western made sensationalized shooter perfect marks and status despite it being guilty of the same crime. A market that is segregated by nationality as to were if it wasn't produced on the lump of dirt you were born then it's not as good as the item that was. Regardless of actual quality.

The design team did their jobs and did them well and I think no one honestly has a right to state what a Final Fantasy should be. Least of all a dedicated fan base that conintually screams for a Final Fantasy VII sequel and remake, or continually buys the 13th or 14th re-released version of the same games.

I'm off with my soapbox now. No offence meant to you. I just hate to see a game cast aside simply because it doesn't live up to the expectations of the public eye despite the fact the game can stand on its own and do it very well.

Ravage273165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

dude while i agree that western gamers and reviewers in general give too much credit to WRPGs and diss JRPGs too readily these days...i still think it could have done better had they retained the things that the fanbase have come to love.

FF12's release wasn't THAT long ago and it did pretty well even though it wasn't done by the main FF team. Despite huge changes, that game is way more FF-ish than FF13 and achieved that while taking bold steps forward for the franchise.

The core of the FF experience remains, but the FF12 team revitalize the franchise by introducing game-changing mechanics like open-world exploration and the awesome gambit system.

Fast forward a few years and you get a new FF game that sacrificed so much yet failed to introduce anything significant.

It's all up for debate, but for me...ditching the gambit system for a simplified 'role behaviour' system...abolishing the near-flawless open exploration of FF12 for straight-line maps...these are HUGE steps backwards and Kitase's team didn't produce anything new to justify it.

kewlkat0073165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Final Fantasy fans through out struggle with the same questions.

"swiftfox , you seem like your more open to Square-enix's direction and people like "Ravage27" and myself realize they are taking some steps back in the Franchise as a whole.(Just got to Chapter 8 in FFXIII myself)

For all the things "swiftfox" had mentioned in his posts, I find myself asking, "whatever happened to that?" It has been, you get to a certain location (Battle some monsters, Beautiful Cut-scenes) then off to the next area/checkpoint.

Though, I'm nowhere near the end of this game but having played "Lost Odyssey" I find myself comparing the "little things" and so far. A "Jrpg" at is purest forms, Lost Odyssey never looked so good. Small Towns/Minibosses/Mini games/Job requests.....etc

I'm sure some of this might change but I did not read any reviews, so not really sure what to expect later on. Besides the CGI/Great Graphics, all the "little things" is what makes me enjoy a "JRPG" and spend hours in it. I don't wanna just Fight, Fight, Fight, CGI/Character story development, Fight, Fight some more.

Whatever happened to actual Potion/Weapon/Magic/Healing shops you would visit in a town? That made the game that more immersive. We all know, the main story at hand is very important(eventually you will get to it) but the little things in between(Besides BOSS fights/Music/Characters) is what makes the games memorable.

It might be different fom someone else though. Anyhow let me not go on. It's good to discuss these thing with people that know the genre and the franchise very well.

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shadowfox3166d ago

Anything more like Uncharted is good in my book.

chaostheory3165d ago

Do you date someone as hot as Chloe (or Elena)? If not then you probably want it to be more like Uncharted.

RedPawn3165d ago

Fang is pretty sexy, I think the voice actor for her is the same as Chloe, IDK.

presto7173165d ago

Just not my type I guess. And I really HATED Elana's outfit in U2. That being said, I'm really picky about this sort of thing.

So yes, I date someone who's hotter than Chloe in more ways than one. To me that is...

captain-obvious3165d ago

i think chole should be the next Lara croft
ND should do a whole new game just for chole


Myze3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

The actresses that play Chloe and Elena are hotter than their UC characters, so would probably be better to focus on real life, at least in this situation. =P

Godmars2903165d ago

Could try Xenogears for a sex scene, but that's 40+ hours in...

presto7173165d ago

Damn. I just don't see it in her. I must be in the minority then...

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MajestieBeast3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Better then inspiration from modern warfare for sure.

TROLL EATER3166d ago

should look at zelda as example too

dustgavin3165d ago

Of course they would look to Uncharted 2 for inspiration considering how many awards it keeps raking in.

rezzah3165d ago

isnt it like over 150 awards?

dustgavin3165d ago

Not sure but it is at some number that is hard to ignore.

chaostheory3165d ago

It has received 109 game of the year awards according to this site
and thats only counting GOTYs not all the other awards it has won

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