How Voice Acting Has Changed The Video Games Industry

Voice acting, as defined by Wikipedia, is the act of "providing one's voice to an animated character." Though its origin is unknown it's been safely lodged in the acting world for quite some time now. Disney, as many of you are well aware, has been well known for its animated movies and, more impressively, as a voice acting pioneer. Snow White (1937) was the company's first full-length animated feature film made and Adriana Caselotti voiced the movie's title character.

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mephman3166d ago

Ahh, the Final Fantasy X laughing scene - that certainly changed something.

Selyah3166d ago

Heh yeah i do remember that, that was awesome - that was an interesting read though.

Sanrin3166d ago

What it didn't change is how much I hated Wakka.

mephman3166d ago

I'm not really sure awesome is the word I'd use.

Selyah3166d ago

Hey it was amusing :P

Tony P3166d ago

VAs are great for most games.

But in particular, I don't like how they can gimp RPGs, WRPGs in particular.

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Coramoor_3166d ago

it's a good day when we no longer find anything like these examples

gtg-bbq3166d ago

I don't like voice acting as an element in video games. I've never been impressed by a voice in video game.

DigitalAnalog3166d ago


-End statement

Magna Farta3165d ago

...definitely brought back some memories, nothing good however. I remember cringing badly whenever a family member would walk in during a PS1 or Saturn game cutscene and thinking I was out of my mind for watching and listening to such drivel.

I remember Virtua Cop 2 as having the end all, be all worst voice acting...ever.