FFXIII director intends to keep series story-driven

FFXIII directer Motomu Toriyama intends to keep the series story driven

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Noctis Aftermath3140d ago

Fire him, let someone else direct it.

Pimp Named Slickback3139d ago

Orly? It's a JRPG, of course it's story-driven. If you said otherwise, you'd be a fool. A damn fool.

Dragun6193139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Thats Cool, But try to add little freedom next time.

I mean come on past FF iterations were awesome from the start because it had a nice balance between Story/ Cut scenes and the freedom to explorer other areas and towns.

I'm enjoying FFXIII but it took time time for me to adjust to its linear maps and Battle system which I say is way more awesome once you start having more abilities along with the Paradigm shift and no you can't auto attack through the game either cause it gets a lot more harder and it involves more timing in your attacks. But really I would like to enjoy the game once it starts rather later in the game as in reaching Gran Pulse were it really expands and shines.

WildArmed3139d ago

I'm fine with story driven.
It's not like FFX, FF8,9,7,6 werent story driven.
THey were extremely story driven.

But add the freedom of the other FFs back. I dont care if I walk down a path for 20 mintues to meet a dead end, it's a part of the experience.

I havn't played ff13 much, but i'm loving it so far (Ok.. maybe being a huge fan of FF series helps).

My friend borrowed it for awhile though, so i'll be getting to it later.

Till then, i have other games to entertain me

bartkuz3138d ago

That's how it is and how it should be

Meryl3138d ago

he says linearity helped him do a story driven game, but I still, think this is the most average storyline yet, even WKC has a better storyline than this rubbish, he need's to be fired as obviously he cannot write a good story

GameGambits3138d ago

You'd rather the FF series wasn't story driven? Go try out Star Ocean The Last Hope. That games story was feces on the walls, but the gameplay was top notch.

FF15 just needs to add towns, an open world, more various side quests throughout the whole adventure, and just an overall better realized world where the game takes place in. If you get sucked into the games world you get sucked into its story a lot easier.

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arny3139d ago

whats wrong with having a story driven game???

CobraKai3138d ago

I prefer my games to be story driven. Especially since I'm not into multiplayer.

mrb3ar3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


a story driven game is a great experience and gives meaning behind it all. I just hope that will try to incorporate a more involved feeling, or at least the feeling of progression that towns and shops used to give. FF 13 is coming to be a really great game and its sad all the negativity surrounding it. Although the start is slow, once the game really picks up, it really begins to shine.

I hope to see more story/character driven games out of SE, but hopefully they can learn from some of FF 13 faults, and bring back that feeling of awe you get from exploring an FF world, while still keeping the focus on the characters, story and their struggles. When FF 13 finally opens up and you are able to explore - THAT was when I knew I was playing Final Fantasy, and yes, it was glorious

thepaw3139d ago

arny you are so blind everyone knows action games are better than boring story driven games

WildArmed3139d ago

I think you may have forgot your '/s' lol

thepaw3138d ago

action games are better anyway this is kind of a action game you basically go in a straight line

LiquifiedArt3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Just copy the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 6 designs. You need freedom in the context of progressing the story. If you allow COMPLETE freedom like GTA games, you lose the emotional attachment to the characters. If they are too linear (FFXIII) you lose the sense of Adventure and Mystery. Speaking of Mystery, Stop giving us the modern quest system! "Go here, Do X, Follow the arrow". There is no Mystery in that. Instead, use some of the older, principals, where hints were made, but never spelled out.

One more thing, Give us some interesting characters. Stop trying to comform everything to the mainstream and gather more female, young, old, everyone players. Just make great games.

Lastly, I skipped FFXIII and will not purchase it at all. Since FFX, i noticed the FF franchise heading in a very bad direction, but I stuck it out. FFXII had some neat aspects to it, it was more explorable then FFX, but the characters and questing was over the top CLICHE. Some argue about the new battle system, but it was neither a positive nor negative for me, it was just meh. I'd proably be more happy with a FFX-2 Battle system.

I hope FF14 actually returns to the roots like in the older FInal Fantasies.

ONE LAST THING: Allowing TOO MUCh customization also loses the attachment from the player. I don't want every single character to have the ability to be like every single OTHER character. That completey defeats the purpose of their ROLE in the story. If you have a BARRET or a TIFA, they should be defined by the designer. Give us the customization of Upgrading, but not of Building them 100% custom, you lose the Emotional Attachment.

If you fail again, I will fund my own RPG studio and will begin to develop 2D games with HD sprites. Don't make me do it, cause I will stay with the traditional Fanbase. They will collect my games, like I have done with yours.

So very dissapointing....

Monkey5213138d ago

FF 14 is an MMO. Just don't want you to get your hopes up for nothing. Anyways, I don't think you should skip FF 13. It's actually quite fun once you get certain abilities. Sure, it's quite linear but when you reach Grand Pulse, it's the same old FF that we used to love. Give it a chance.

WIIIS13139d ago

Being story driven isn't the problem with FFXIII. Lacking gameplay and immersion is the problem.

What is the point of laboriously and painstakingly creating a big beautiful and intriguing world when all that the gameplay allows you to do is run along a straight and narrow path that so utterly and completely alienates you from the wondrous world seen in the cinematics?

My view that Japanese software developers are losing their edge has been fortified by FFXIII. They are now so indulgent with telling their long contrived and formulaic stories through admittedly stunning cinematics that they have relegated the gaming element all the way to the end of the queue. Look at MGS4 and FFXIII, probably the biggest game franchises from the Japan, and you know 80% of development time and budget must have gone into cinematics and script, leaving little innovation, creativity or just plain attention to gameplay elements.

Strip Uncharted or Dragon Age of all the cinematics and you will still have a thoroughly enjoyable, immersive and fun game. Strip MGS4 or FFXIII of cinematics and you have something very bland and boring.

The Time Reaper3138d ago

I agree with your first two paragraphs, I disagree with your MGS statements.

Lionsguard3138d ago

I agree that they were too restricting in this game. Everytime I watch the opening cinematic for FF13 I can't help but fantasize how much more amazing this game would had been if they had been able to create a world that looked like that. Flying through the canyons and all. But I also can see how extremely long that would had taken them. They need to create a way to create worlds and characters faster. They did say in another article that now that they had the engine all worked out they were going to go back to the original formula to a certain degree (towns, NPCs, etc.) in the future FF games so I dont know, this is very conflicting news.

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