SFX-360: MLB 10: The Show Review

SFX-360 writes: "I will say now that the last time I played any MLB: The Show game was in 2008 when Ryan Howard was on the cover and I did play 05, 06, 07 and even the ones before 06; both on PS3 (borrowed) and PSP. I was not able to play last year's version due to the lack of a PS3 console but thanks to a nice price drop (Thanks Sony!) I was able to get a PS3 and now MLB 10: The Show. While I have enjoyed the MLB games the past few years, other then 09, my favorite baseball game of all time has always been EA's MVP Baseball 2005. I know there are a good amount of gamers out there that will agree with me on that. My expectations will always be high when it comes to baseball games but part of me felt that MLB 10: The Show would meet them, and then some."

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