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A wise man once said that 'Time heals everything.' While that statement may hold true for many, it most certainly does not apply to Kratos. It has been 3 years since Kratos began his ascent of Mount Olympus, which is more than enough time for the Greek warrior turned God turned man to cool off and go back to his Toga washing business. However, not only has Kratos' rage persevered the test of time; it has intensified into a typhoon of anger and hatred that only the blood of Olympus can quench.

Yes, this is it! The final chapter in Kratos' quest for redemption has finally arrived and without further ado, I can disclose that God of War 3 is hands down, the best action adventure game I have ever played. This is the Return of the King…this is the Return of the Jedi…this is the End.

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wdeath3167d ago

Really, this is the game of the forever for me. Kratos in all its glory, can't wait to play this game. Revenge will be MINE!

Hanif-8763167d ago

God Of War 3 deserves nothing less than a perfect score :-)

ChineseDemocracy3167d ago

Tuesday can't come soon enough!

Agent TBY3167d ago

Great review.

Best looking console game ever? I gotta see this.

cyborg3167d ago

In terms of animations and scale, this is def the best looking game but wait for Crysis 2! In terms of visuals, new benchmarks r set very often.

Greywulf3167d ago

benchmarks are never set by multiplatform engines..

redsquad3167d ago

Well ONE of you must be right, yet you ALL got disagrees... or are you disagreeing with each other? ;)

Megaton3167d ago

It's a trade-off between God of War III and Uncharted 2 at the moment. There are some areas in which each one excels over the other.

raztad3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )



From the review:

"Without question, Uncharted 2 was unanimously known as the best looking console game (Crysis still standing supreme overall)…up until now. God of War 3 graphically blows every other console game out of the water."

I think nobody is doubting GoW3 is the graphical king.


Well, I'm going to wait tuesday to talk properly. You should do the same because everybody is highly prising the visuals of the game. No bashing UC2 at all, but game has its own share of low res textures. Look down to the floor. You'll see them.

Megaton3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Yes, trade-off. I think Uncharted 2 is still better in many parts of the environment. More detailed textures and such. I've watched about 6 hours of GoW3 in "HD" (YouTube style HD), and while it achieves some moments I'd consider on par with CGI, it also has the occasional poor environmental texture, which I never saw in UC2.

I can't be specific for the sake of spoilers (PM me if you want spoiled specifics), but there are just things in there that don't seem to be held up to the standards of the rest of the game. Some of it looks CGI, some of it looks... meh. As a whole, it's unquestionably more stunning than mediocre, but I think UC2 shines brighter in some areas where GoW3 goes a little dim.

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gryfindor13167d ago

the first level alone is more than enough to warrant a purchase. I did spoil the game for myself quite a bit by watching GT TV...but its still awesome.

waljaber3167d ago

i just played the first 10 minutes of GOW3 and i just can't believe my eyes(i got this early because i live in the meddle east^_^) and if anyone give GOW3 less then 9.8 is bias.
i can't describe it but i'm sure u will understand what da duck im trying to say here.

-MD-3167d ago

"and if anyone give GOW3 less then 9.8 is bias."

Give me a break.

The real killer3167d ago

He has a point, why 9.6 from IGN and not a 10.

Tony-A3167d ago

It was 9.3

9.4s from IGN UK and AU

The real killer3167d ago

Thanks for your correction :)

maverick11913167d ago

murderdolls doesnt like it because it doesnt have halo in the title basically

cant wait for the game will be truly epic

-MD-3167d ago

Yet another lame comeback from a bitter fanboy.

Enjoy your 9 hour game, I'll rent it.

Cyrax_873167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Ah, looks like we have someone here who plays nothing but online shooters. I feel sorry for you, with the exception of RPGs, you must of missed out on a crap load of awesome single player games in your life.

waljaber3167d ago

but believe me when i say u will be in ur feet while playing this game^^
it's been four hours now since i start playing and I reach another level of enjoyment never felt before, this game is that good my friends.

-MD-3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"Ah, looks like we have someone here who plays nothing but online shooters. I feel sorry for you, with the exception of RPGs, you must of missed out on a crap load of awesome single player games in your life. "

Couple things.

1. How do you figure I play nothing but online shooters based off my post?

2. Why did you say I played nothing but online shooters and then out of nowhere added RPGs for no reason?

3. Where did you get the idea that I don't like single player games? I rent single player games with zero replay value. Experience them once and move on.

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ironmonkey3167d ago

santa monica is a god studio

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