David Jaffe is back to his blog with "Twisted Metal Documentary"

David posts: "Hey! We are going to be shooting a documentary/round table discussion on the Twisted Metal series. The piece will be used for something I can't talk about right now (sorry about that!) but for those out there who consider themselves fans of the series, I was hoping you could do us a favor:

We are trying to make a list of the issues/questions we want to address in the doc and we want to make sure we hit the things Twisted Metal fans want to know about."

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aiphanes4221d ago

There are some many hints in his blog post for today. He has to be working of a new Twisted Metal for the PS3...A twisted metal on the PS3 online would be the shiznet! Come on David....make this game!!!

Marona4221d ago

But theres already Twisted Metal 4 on the PlayStaton One... o0...

Twisted Metal: Black II probably, I liked Black on the PS2.

Lord Anubis4221d ago

Dude don't tease us like that!

Husso4221d ago

We all know damn well some one in sce is working on a Twisted Metal game right now.

Phantom_Lee4221d ago


...that is all...

aiphanes4221d ago

I hope so, because if they can announce something at E3 about it then, that would be cool. What would also be cool would be a new Colony Wars game on the PS3...make it single player and online...or hell online only...seems like sony is starting to go online only in a few of their games...
Hey they brought back warhawk and made it awesome. Colony wars was one of the best PS1 games and there were 3 games on the series.

Shaka2K64221d ago

Twisted Metal For PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.