Valve Snatching Up Ex-Naughty Dog Employees

PSLS writes:

...More recently, Valve apologized to PS3 owners admitting they "didn't put their best foot forward with the PS3 community", adding "we want to give PS3 owners the best possible PS3 experience".

What better way to give PS3 owners such an experience than by tapping into the talent of one developer that surely has a firm grasp at what it takes to make a great PS3 game. That developer is Naughty Dog, creators of the award-winning Uncharted franchise.

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Sonyslave33167d ago

So i guess Halo Reach is coming to ps3 because ex naughty dog employees is working on reach.

NateNater3167d ago

What you said doesn't really make sense.

Lionsguard3167d ago

I guess LBP is coming out to 360 because the founders were ex-Lionhead employees. See I can spew nonsense too.

ps3gamerkyle3167d ago

Perhaps Valve wants extra manpower in the marathron sprint towards Portal 2.

zeeshan3167d ago

Too late! They should have started exploring PS3 a long time ago. And if they weren't interested in making something for PS3, the least they could have done was not piss off the PS3 community. If they had started working on PS3 a couple of years ago, they would have had an engine ready and perhaps would have also released a game or two by now. Anyway, this isn't that big a news cuz people keep leaving developers and joining others. That's how every industry works =)

WildArmed3167d ago

Yeah, bcoz who knows, we may get another Half-life or l4d sooner than expected :)

(man I really wanna play the next HL)

Marceles3167d ago

Would be cool to see Portal 2 on PS3 compatible with the Move

presto7173167d ago

They fought valiantly.

"Fight hard. Die proud"

evilmonkey5013167d ago

valve be turning a new leaf? This is a good sign. I think valve can find a good user base on the Ps3.

Christopher3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

While this news is awesome, even better is going to a site named PlayStation LifeStyle and seeing 360 FFXIII bundle advertisements taking up all ad spots.

Microsoft, ruthless in business all the way. Heck, even 3 of the top radio stations in our area are sold to Microsoft's Bing for 'searches'. Anytime they talk about doing a Web search they mention Bing. And every hour they have to put out a custom 'Bing' search ad of them talking about looking for pictures or info on something they talked about in the last hour or two. Gotta love a business that knows how to throw its money around.

Persistantthug3167d ago

Because as far as I can tell...Valve is a One Trick Pony.

How about in 15 years, you make something other than an FPS type about that?

Microsoft Xbox 3603167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

To the people that say it's too late, please STFU. It's never too late for them to get to the PS3. They admitted that they were wrong, what's so bad about welcoming them back? When Left 4 Dead 3 or Portal 2 lands on the PS3 with minimal to no flaws, you'll be eating your words.

vhero3167d ago

What ex naught dog employees?? As I don't think they exactly did a mass firing recently.. So the ones they will be picking up won't exactly be massively experienced with PS3.

madjedi3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I have to agree with several of the sceptics post, a port of l4d 1 or 2 at 49.99 or 59.99 for a year or 2 old simple and repetitive game that looks dated i'll pass. If valve starts making ps3 games fine, but we aren't exactly hurting for shooters atm.

They need something new to interest me, not a pc mod snatched up from modders, played with a bit, then released as a full game made by them. I know the pc guys will grabs their torches when the read this, since valve is such a godly developer to some of them, nothing of valve looks even remotely interesting to me, maybe portal 2 thats about it.

Even bungie is moving on to new things after reach, why can't valve. Alot of valve fanatics mainly pc guys to this day hold valve on a mile high pedastol, and the reason they give is because half life/2 was the best fps game ever, you have l4d and tf2 made this gen two mp only games essentially. So exactly what have they made besides hl/hl2, that makes them so great of a developer that people praise them for this gen?

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keysy4203167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

but yah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring us something new, this isnt because the xbox is starting to show its age and is on the verge of being surpassed this year is it, in the first two months the have already closed that number down by about a million 12 more months of this and its might be curtains on that lead xbox has gotten. really a x-game chat offering could seal the deal many people are already starting to see the quality in ps3 exclusives. i had a friend recently who is a huge 360 fan boy tell me he had to buy a ps3 jsut to play a real baseball game.with online at all time high x game is a must in 2010.
valve its not liek you guys dont still think the same things about the ps3 that is a nightmare but you also see that you need a fanbase on the ps3 since it could become the system this generation coming from behind to take over. If that happens someone needs to write a book on the life of the playstation 1,2,3 becuase it will be a amaizing story coming from a joint venture with nintendo to dvd in ps2 with 150 million system, to being in last place and dominating with innovation and games

ftwrthtx3167d ago

The Naughty Dog team has a huge advantage over most of the other developers due to being one of the first to work with the PS3 platform. Uncharted was ground breaking in graphics, motion capturing and overall live acting capturing of the main players in the game.

Had ND worked with Quantic Dreams, just think how much better Heavy Rain could have been.

evilmonkey5013167d ago

they both have special treatment from Sony. Naughty Dog just has better coders...