PS3Land Interviews Pixelux Entertainment

Pixelux Entertainment, founded in October 2003, and run by about 10 or so staffers is now providing one of the newest innovative technologies to gaming today.
Pixelux's mission is to help game developers with the high rising costs in next gen developments and provide them with a new unique real-time physical simulation technology called Digital Molecular Matter (DMM). has been keeping in constant contact lately with Pixelux and had a chance to interview Vik Sohal and get a few answers on what DMM will provide.
PS3Land: About how many staffers make up Pixelux?
Vik: Pixelux consists of 10 people and several consultants.
PS3Land: What would you include in Pixelux's portfolio other than DMM technology?
Vik: DMM is our main focus. We have products like the plug-in and run-time system built around DMM. We also consult and license our
PS3Land: Digital Molecular Matter or DMM, what features
separates it from anything else?
Vik: DMM is a true material physics system, it deals with volumetrically deformable bodies with all the qualities that objects would possess in the real world. Things like Poisson's ratio,
Young's modulus and Creep (among many others) are all utilized within DMM to determine how a material will react to forces. If any part of a DMM object is subjected to stress higher than its material strength, it will break just as its real-life analog might.
The way DMM operates is in stark contrast with other game physics systems which treat objects as completely solid, rigid unbreakable

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