The Art of UNCHARTED 2

Ballistic announced new first book in their Art of the Game series called: The Art of UNCHARTED 2

The overwhelming choice for Game of the Year from 33 different outlets, Naughty Dog's instant classic on the PlayStation® 3 has set a new standard for games in visuals, story, performance and action.

Working directly with the Naughty Dog creative team to sift through the mountain of art used to create UNCHARTED 2, The Art of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves provides an amazing snapshot of the creation of the game. The book is Ballistic Publishing's biggest book at 272 pages and reveals hundreds of pieces of unseen art not available outside of the Naughty Dog team.

The book starts with the concept art for both characters and environments, showing all of the main characters and levels in over 200 pages. Moving beyond a standard concept art book, we also feature the work of the character modeling team, the production art team, the motion-capture and cinematics team, and finally the effects team. Combined, all these chapters show how the entire team contribute to the final game.

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eagle213143d ago

This game is already pure classic.

DigitalAnalog3143d ago

But the SHIPPING is like $56............

-End statement

GR8 13143d ago

Uncharted 2 art style is over hyped the game looks more like a cartoon with such bright colors i was surprised it even won Goty 09 with such poor graphics. I guess there wasn't any good games out in 09 to put up a competition against Uncharted 2 on xbox360 side then.

If only Mass Effect 2 came out in 09 Uncharted 2 wouldn't have won Goty that's for sure.