Kratos Pimps His NASCAR Ride

PSLS writes:

For those of you who're interested in seeing the most epic NASCAR stock car in the racing leagues history...

Behold the #20 God of War III stock car in all of its violent and brutal beauty!

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Eric Cartman3167d ago

I'm not sure but I think I might have seen this piece of news a while ago.

Sev3167d ago

Yeah, but the old news was only a tiny snapshot of the stock car on a Gamestop flyer.

ShadowRyuX3167d ago

That car won't be that pretty for long...

ChozenWoan3167d ago

Come on PD make it happen!!!

execution173167d ago

be pretty sweet if thats on GoW3

EvilBlackCat3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

not so good

just a Good design

from 1-10 i give a 7

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ftwrthtx3167d ago

You know the driver won't need to press down on the gas pedal. He might need to bump some other cars to slow down for the corners though.

Seriously though, I wouldn't mind having something like this for my car's hood. Sweet graphics job.

Sev3167d ago

LOL @ that comment!

The real killer3166d ago

Dude, i have Toyota what is wrong with Toyota?
I know that some models are malfunction, but is it really necessary talk bad about Toyota constantly in USA, typcal American people can only brag about it.

madpuppy3166d ago

than anything else on the road.

Ford has a problem with a similar result and something extra! a switch on the Cruise control would burn out and the car would increase in speed dramatically and be difficult to stop, BUT! on top of that the car would sometime ignite on FIRE usually killing everybody in the car. and it has been a problem for over 15 years on Fords The reason why is is not considered a big deal and it gets not alot of press is because everyone EXPECTS Fords to have problems.

The reason why it is a big deal on a Toyota is because no one expects Toyota's to suffer from such flaws.

and one more thing, if anyone thinks that brakes aren't designed to stop a car at high speed they are stupid or looking for a big payout from Toyota.

Anorexorcist3167d ago

The only thing that brought it down a few notches was the Gamestop logo. Why not an illustration of a decapitated Griffin or a Cyclop's eyeball with a trail of blood behind it like if it rolled on the hood on the car?

blind-reaper3166d ago

if Chuck Norris was nascar driver he would drive a car like that.

Harry1903167d ago

Nascar allowed genocidal maniacs who can shoot lightning bolts and rip your head off with one hand on its race tracks. Sounds more like Extreme DeathRace to me.

MegadethAndy3167d ago

Or maybe a real life, Twisted Metal?

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