Santa Monica's God Of War review (by Play3-Live)

The Santa Monica's masterpiece got the same Uncharted2's rating by the website.


"God of War 3 excels in the king of beat 'em all, and takes the best of previous episodes while making its own news. Kratos does not offer just a facelift in HD, the saga is enhanced by an impressive achievement, with larger environments and varied, and an arsenal provided. This last component is the apotheosis of the series."

"God of War 3 is clearly present in all beat'em absolutely have for fans of the genre. A masterful achievement associated with a powerful gameplay, make the game one of Sony's major titles in 2010. The mythological universe, you can cross the path of famous characters, each more savage than each other."

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yogaflame3142d ago

great job again, another good score, well done St. Monica studios