Have You Played the Game? If No, Shut Up

Humans are social beasts. They thrive on communication, and feedback. However, they also thrive on gossip and information from secondary or even tertiary sources.

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Eric Cartman3193d ago

I think this article is directed at the bots who unjustly speak of masterpieces such as Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, and lots of other great titles.

cereal_killa3193d ago

I think it's meant for both sides of the fence some of these idiots are so brain washed they believe anything bad they read and hold that to only being the truth most of these fanboys are children by the way they act.

Eric 2 great examples (Heavy Rain, Killzone 2) of why this article is true if you haven't played the game then have really have no right to judge it and I hold the same thing to some of these mindless journalists that praise how much they hate this system or that system none of them should be even aloud to review a game on a system they hate because its idiots like this that fuel and encourage this type of juvenile behavior.

Eric Cartman3193d ago

Some gaming blogs are like plague, making flamebait titles out of words which are taken out of context (Kotaku, Destructoid, Joystiq, and other smaller blogs).

I agree with this article in that most people who bash games have never played the games themselves. I may dislike a game but I never bash it without playing it myself. Trust me, most of the time you'll change your mind after playing the game yourself.

Crazyhorse3193d ago

Some people just like gossip just cuz you don't doesn't make you special. This article was FAIL. Theres a whole industry devoted to gossip. Gamers like gossip, why not have sensationalist headlines to feed the need. This guy probably also thinks theres such thing as gaming journalism, lol, GTFO. Wow, I managed to use FAIL, LOL, and GTFO I am officially on the internet.

Moeez3193d ago

I wrote this article, it was a lot of fun. I've always been pretty annoyed with people parroting other people's opinions as their own.