Sony's Lost Exclusives: A Timeline

Wired reports:

Having spent a lot of time this afternoon thinking about all the exclusives that PlayStation 3 has lost over the last tumultuous year, we here at Game|Life decided to catalog them in the runup to E3.

I'm not listing franchises that had been exclusive to Sony systems but now have Xbox versions, because that's not the point and because I don't want to be here all day. The exception to this rule is when a publisher was pursuing an exclusive, but Sony didn't sign on. As in the case of...

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nextgengaming184129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

when it was announced for both systems at the same time. That is equivalent of saitns row 2, condemned 2, and fallout 3 being xbox 360 exclusives.

ShiftyLookingCow4128d ago

playstation used to get GTA about a year before other systems

Bloodmask4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

install base gets the games including exclusives. This happened with PS2 last generation.

It will happen to 360 this generation. Why would a publisher want to minimize their profits?

PS3 is slowly digging it's grave, the KZ2 letdown will be the headstone.

rusgreim4128d ago

... how many bubbles you've lost due to this comment.

Ass packing Sony Droids are so terribly afraid of someone else's opinion...

Captain Tuttle4128d ago

26 disagree with one of the most sensible posts in this thread. It's all about install base and money...there's no loyalty in business. If Sony can't/won't pay up for exclusives the developers will go elsewhere.

Wargasm4128d ago

yeah that is some bs.... blood mask just typed the same thing i was thinking.

sak5004129d ago

Hehe u said "i dont know" and u get an agree. You have a fan here POG.

zantetsuken4129d ago

He seems to think MGS4 is a done deal. He should listen to the recent posdcast from KP where they say having the largest userbase means nothing. Ryan threw out MGS2 as an example. Based on the latest podcast, they damn near confirmed again it's an exclusive and will remain so.

power of Green 4129d ago

Kind of like the ones provided from Capcom with Devil May Cry?.

FreeMonk4129d ago

In my opinion, I can not see the X360 getting a Final Fantasy game at all. I think they've set there engine and game around for the PS3.

As for MGS4, there is still a chance it could end up on the some point in the future.

More than likely it will arrive on the X360 at some point, but it won't be announced until after it arrives on the PS3 and sold bucket loads.

The same thing happened with MGS2. It took nearly 2 years for it to arrive on the Xbox. The same could happen with MGS4.

I could be completly wrong, and I'm sure I will have already upset someone out there reading this, but it's what my gut feeling is telling me, and a majority of the time, it's correct!

Nervsys4129d ago

Who in their right mind would say that having the largest userbase means nothing?

Unless they could think of nothing better to say. Its a blatently stupid answer, probably just made on the spur of the moment to divert attention.

Shaka2K64129d ago

Yet another anti-Sony report from
pathetic to say the least.