New Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Scans reveal screens and info

Check out these new Ghost Recon: Future Soldier scans at PlayStation University.

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STICKzophrenic3193d ago


I've been waiting for another Ghost Recon. I loved GRAW and GRAW2, and they opened the doors for me to become the more varied gamer I am today.

nskinnear3193d ago

Agreed... great games. I hope this one is fun.

socomnick3193d ago

Lame, ghost recon should have gone back to its roots, back to its ghost recon 1 days.

matchgrade3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Agreed. There's nothing badass about soldiers who use homing bullets and "optical camo" to do their job instead of reflexes and strategic planning. I still find Ghost Recon 1 more entertaining and rewarding than GR2 or GRAW.

BattleAxe3193d ago

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm was the first online shooter I ever played and loved. GRAW2 was freakn' awesome, and I'm sure this game won't disappoint.

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execution173193d ago

a for sure buy for me, getting sick of the arcadey shooters thats being released. me needs tactical shooters !.!

nskinnear3193d ago

Yep - really looking forward to this, Medal of Honor, and maybe SOCOM 4.

I Play Games3193d ago

Way too many good-looking games this year, dont know if ill have $$$

nskinnear3193d ago

Yeah, it's crazy. 2010 is the best year in gaming in a looooong while :)

nskinnear3193d ago

Games share similar ideas all the time. That doesn't mean it's a rip-off, lol.

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