God Of War III's Opening 60-Minutes Are The Greatest Of All Time

PushSquare: "I've been searching the archives: Bioshock? No way. Goldeneye? The bungie jump was cool. Shenmue? "Fuku-san!". No matter how deep I dive, I can't find an opening as strong as God Of War III's. A sixty-minute period in which everything that makes the God Of War franchise a success is crammed, turned on its head, and amplified to 11. As of next week, when people talk about Playstation 3, and particularly the power of the system, I hope they have flash-backs to the opening sixty-minutes of God Of War III. They are unbelievable."

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Megaton3141d ago

God of War's openings are legendary. The Hydra, the Colossus of Rhodes, and now the Titans vs. the Gods on Mt. Olympus. Each one trumped by the next.

captain-obvious3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

i loved the intro it was like a falshback to all GOW games
and love the opening as well it just throws you right in the the action

why the f*ck did i got 2 disagrees ?
but after looking at the other commnts
it looks like someone is butthurt

by the way im 6 hours in to the game
its as epic as it can get

Darkeyes3141d ago

And all the reviews say that if you were blown by the opening, then you have seen nothing yet.... Imagine the madness later in the game!!! Man I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Megaton3141d ago

Hah, everyone has massive disagrees. Come on now 360 children, play nice.

Darkeyes3141d ago

Ah someone's butthurt cause they are missing GOW3 on their console lol... Soory kids, but this 40GB of awesomeness is ONLY ON PLAYSTATION 3.

callahan093141d ago

Yeah, about the disagrees, I've noticed them in all the PS3-favorable articles today. Just tons and tons of disagrees for anybody that isn't trashing the PS3.

kevnb3141d ago

really? God of War games always open very strongly, I have to admit there isnt much that can compete with them. I liked the start to many games though, like bioshock (it actually got worse the whole way through), Super Metroid, diablo, doom and blood come to mind.

Darkstorn3141d ago

The greatest beginning of all time? I'm skeptical...but I'm sure it will be astounding. Day one buy.

WetN00dle693141d ago

How i wish i had this beast of a game in my hands right now!
If only one of my local gameshops would pre-release i cant wait to kill me some Ogres!

OmegaSlayer3141d ago

When I go around in game shops here in Italy I mostly see kids between 12 and 16 buyin' game or the 360.
Not every 360 owner is a stupid kid, obviously, there are people that just buy every console and enjoy gaming everywhere.

Maybe their parents bought them the less expensive console and they're all angry and butthurt.
They don't know the history of gaming, they don't know that the people that come from the 8bit era called sprite a bunch o pixel, so they argue years over some textures.
They don't know about single player experiences, stuff like Ghost'N'Goblins, that are more rewarding than every multi player experience, they only scream through headphones and have fun doing that stupid teabag thingy, that has nothing to do with respect and healthy competition.

They just ignore and behave like arrogants because, like the fox in the greek story, they won't ever reach the fruit, and they label it unripe.

So they won't ever do themselves the favour to be gamer and appreciate Sony's work.

I pity them, they don't know what they're missing without a PS3 in their homes, since Sony is raising the bar again and again even in bitter times.

sikbeta3141d ago

@Guys above

Massive Disagrees = Bungie and his Multiple-Accounts


GOW3 >>> Epicness

dredgewalker3141d ago

You guys should appreciate the effort of Bungie in making multiple accounts just to give you disagree's. He's taking trolling and being a loser to a whole new level and thats not an easy feat. Leave the guy alone, he's obviously not getting a lot of love from his momma so he's taking it out on us.

topdawg1223141d ago

This games taking too long to come out!

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FanboyAttack3141d ago

Insane opening sequence and it's true it might be the best ever.

SupaPlaya3141d ago

5 disagrees on a not so offensive comment?

On a side note I'm glad they liked it too. I will wait to enjoy it when I get my hands on the game. Not going to spoil it for myself by watching the leaked footage.

AlphaKenny13141d ago

Xbots can't get their hands on this beautiful game. You can disagree all you want but you still won't be able to play this game :).

WetN00dle693141d ago

Umm Alpha, yeah they can BUT its only by buying themselves a PS3 can they play this beautiful game! Seriously i find it quite stupid to hold loyalties to a single console! MULTI-PLAT gaming for the win!

WildArmed3141d ago

If you say
'MY name is James Bond' (or w/e your name is)
you'll still get 20 disagrees.
Thats just N4G for u.
THey go down the list clicking disagree

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Major_Nelson3141d ago

And the Next 7 to 10 Hours are sure to be The Greatest of All Time too
Far Beyond anything the Xbox could even Dream of !!
Nevermind BoTs you got Alan Wank to look forward too followed by Halo Crap yer Pants !!
Thy Silly Little BoTs

LarVanian3141d ago

I think I'm going to take a break from N4G and YouTube starting from today. I don't want to see any GOW3 spoilers.

SupaPlaya3141d ago

it's hard to resist...

I gave on the Uncharted 2, I'm going through with it this time!

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