Review hype helps to spur sales of God of War III and PS3s

Pre-order sales of God Of War III in the UK rocket following review scores.

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disturbing_flame3235d ago

You are according to much benefits for reviews, we all are not concerned about it, we just all know that GOW 3 is a tremendous game, every man or woman who have played the first ones know how much Kratos owns. People who are aware of that can consider the idea of buying a PS3. GOW doesn't need review to be hyped, God doesn't need church to spread his word. Arriving soon, maximum carnage !

ginganinja3235d ago

but, relatively, not as many people played the first ones outside the US - neither 1 or 2 broke a million. it just didn't seem to click over here (UK).
I, personally, bought 1 and didn't bother with 2 (PS3 had just come out), and was on the fence about 3 till fairly recently (the demo looked good but didn't really grab me).
So, while it might always have been in the minds of US folks, it probably needed a bit of hype and a few excellent reviews to get it onto the more casual gamers radar over here.

zeeshan3235d ago

Why am I not surprised? GOW3 is an epic game. Should move a couple of PS3 units!

kevnb3235d ago

yes media, god of war iii is a hit because you say it is.... lol