The Next Wii Will Innovate, Nintendo Would Be "Embarrassed" If It Was Sony, Microsoft In the wake of this week's unveiling of Sony's take on motion-controlled video gaming, and Microsoft's push for their motion-controlled gaming well under way, Kotaku sat down with Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime to ask if these high-def entries into a market Nintendo so dominates is concerning.

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Eric Cartman3193d ago

I don't remember Nintendo innovating with GBC, GBA, SNES, N64, and GC.

Gaming is not about Miyamoto, Kutaragi, or J. Allard. I don't care how innovative Wii, Move, or Natal are, I know for a fact that more power and HD offer a unique experience that a "whole new compelling experience" may not be able to replicate.

What is innoveation anyway? Two screens? A touch screen? Motion sensing? Nintendo takes credit for dual screens and that's it. Where is the innovation?

More power and I am happy.

GameOn3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Didn't the N64 bring in the age of the analogue stick. Possibly one of the most important steps in console gaming.

GBC, that was just a gameboy which they added color to. Was there handheld Gaming before the Bame Boy.

Nes, This was my first console. Was there Any thing like duck hunt before the nes?

I may be wrong on some of these points but whatever you say, Ninty are the kings of innovation and have probably given more to gaming than anyone else.

Mista T3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

yes I agree but, other companies have improved upon what they have introduced, for example Sony introduced 2 analog sticks for PS1 when the N64 just had 1 analog stick

Nintendo introduces motion controls with wii, Sony will improve upon that with true 1:1 with PS Move with a system that does HD

Eric Cartman3192d ago

I have had this argument several times; it never ends well mainly because the other party refuses to admit the facts.

GameOn, if an analogue stick is an innovation, then Sony's use of CD in the original PlayStation would be considered mega-innovation for console gaming. That analogue added little to gaming while CD gave us all of the great games and franchises we came to love (though Sega had CD as an add-on before, just like touch was available on PDAs before the DS). Sony also added two extra shoulder buttons (R2 and L2) as well as (R3 and L3) when they added the two analogue sticks.

Nintendo 64 was generic, as was GC, GBC and GBA. DS was an experiment because Nintendo feared that Sony might take that market away from them too, so they tried something different. The reason DS wasn't called a Game Boy was because they wanted to keep the GB series on hold and see what would become of the DS. In case DS was a failure, they would switch back to GB and traditional gaming. DS was/is a massive success, something they didn't really expect. The only innovation in the DS is the gimmicky dual screens which were utilized for the first and second batch of games and then it became a gimmick, or just a hindrance. Touch screen wasn't something new. I had, long before the DS, played many games (including Age of Empires) on my iMate PPC.

Wii was the same as the DS. They knew they have lost the hardcore market, so they focused on something else. Please take a look at this and tell me Wii was the first motion sensing console, not to mention the old EyeToy argument. Nintendo's advertising campaign ripped off Sony's EyeToy and Singstar ads. Nintendo resembles Apple in that they get more credit than they deserve.

Please note that I didn't mention anything about NES or GB, they were great gaming devices for both the market and the gamers.

If Nintendo can innovate something that improves the experience for the traditional gamers, I will admit that I was wrong but changing markets is hardly an innovation technology-wise, perhaps it is commercially. I'm not so sure of that either.

ChickeyCantor3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

"I have had this argument several times; it never ends well mainly because the other party refuses to admit the facts. "

Dude you should run for president.

Next to that innovation is more than just saying it already excists. Or it never changed the exprience for you.

And to that, for gaming it is an innovation.

", if an analogue stick is an innovation, then Sony's use of CD in the original PlayStation would be considered mega-innovation for console gaming. That analogue added little to gaming"

Its not about "mega innovation" just innovation.
And your argument is stupid, analoque sticks helped the control in 3D worlds to be eased out.
I think you are looking at it with tunnel vision, just credit where credit due, no one said Sony or MS aren't innovating.

"Wii was the same as the DS. They knew they have lost the hardcore market, so they focused on something else"

They havn't lost anything, they are still running for the same people.
Nintendo has always been family oriented or mainstream for that matter.

"Nintendo 64 was generic"

Yet you praise PS1 for CD's (Dont you mean like SEGA?), but dismiss the fact N64 allowed for larger over worlds like those in zelda OOT? It allowed for new experiences, yet N64 was generic?
Nice way to contradict yoursel.

I'm not even going to grab the other idiotic stuff you said.

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eagle213193d ago

Nintendo does innovate, mostly in how the hardware affects gameplay. They are very traditional, if you look at Nintendo's Game & Watch, it's the prototype for DS. They stick to what they know but bring consumers a new experience through gameplay. It would take pages of text to explain everything Nintendo has brought to the industry. To say they don't innovate is a bold faced lie. :)

pcz3192d ago

Sony doesn't have their own Shiguru Miyamoto.

Its like a football match with one team having all the best players in the world, how can the other team compete? By having the 'latest technology' in their shoes? No! You need skill and teamwork.

That is why Nintendo always win when it comes to creativity and innovation.

pcz3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

D- pad: Nintendo

Shoulder buttons: Nintendo

Analogue stick: Nintendo

Rumble pack: Nintendo

4 controller ports: Nintendo

Wireless console controllers (Wavebird): Nintendo

Motion control: Nintendo

1:1 motion control (Motion plus:) Nintendo

Weight controller (Balance board:) Nintendo

Lock on targeting in 3d combat games (as seen in Zelda: Ocarina of Time:) Nintendo

Touch screen gaming: Nintendo

3D space camera control (as seen in Mario 64:) Nintendo

Video hint system (as seen in New Super Mario Wii:) Nintendo

Etc etc etc: Nintendo Nintendo Nitendo

Sony weren't first with CD gaming as you claim, SEGA MEGA CD came out years before the Playstation.

Sony added more shoulder buttons... Wow, my mind is blown- i wonder how long it took them to think that one out.

Sony added another analogue stick... Umm, so they think adding 'more' makes it better?

Sony are as creative as vultures, they are scavengers who scrounge in the bins behind Nintendo's headquarters for ideas.

Eric Cartman3192d ago

You sound like a Sony hater to me and this may cloud your judgement. I'm not bashing Nintendo, I'm simply trying to state the facts and the facts contradict the opinion that you hold. Nintendo isn't "that" innovative.

Your list is wrong on many levels and I'll leave it at that.

ChickeyCantor3192d ago

I think this Eric dude is just a troll.

He sounds way to arrogant to be honest.
If Nintendo isn't that innovative then the other aren't either.

PCZ doesn't hate sony, he is just smply stating facts as you are. ;)

pcz3192d ago

I only get disagrees because all the sony fans turned out with quivering knees to hear Nintendos threats. You are a blinded sony fan (obviously) so i might as well be talking to a brick wall. I'm never wrong.

I predict disagrees- lets see if im right. As always.

arny3192d ago

nitendo did start a lot of things but Microsoft and sony improved them so although nitendo could have started everything sony and mcrosoft will bet better versions of the things nitendo invented

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