The Gamer's IQ Test

How hardcore are you? Can you name the 375 games and more than 425 characters from gaming's past, present, and future? What 2 games here never came out? Which 10 characters are here more than once? Which character stars in the most games? Which games are represented solely by an enemy character, rather than the hero? Which 5 games are represented by just an object? Which characters were their console's mascots? Which is the oldest game here? Which characters are hunting or watching each other? Which characters are already dead? Where's the gibbed corpse? Where are the 20 Fallout 3 Bobbleheads hidden?

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Jamegohanssj53145d ago

This is pretty fun : v )


Christopher3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Edit: Scratch that, looks like they put in both Batman from AA and Lego Batman. Kind of weird why you'd put the same character in twice... I would have just gone with Mr. Freeze for Lego Batman over the Batman lego since it would have been an extra character and the same game.

math3145d ago

I thought I would do really well. Ummmm no, Fail!

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Crazyhorse3145d ago

This is the last thing I need a test with no answers. Ahhhhhh! Cool stuff, I wanted to make something like this poster myself.

poindat3145d ago

0_o. And this test is pretty fail--you should be able to at least "pass" easily if you have been gaming for just the last 3 years. 80% of the characters date from the current gen/late last gen. -.-

Christopher3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Yeah, kind of confused as to 'who' the two on the left are. I've seen the one of Master Chief on the covers, so I know the third Halo guy from the left is him, but otherwise I guess I'm supposed to know based on what weapon they're wielding, otherwise they all look alike. Really hated that about the Halo games, that the characters are just faceless helmets.

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The story is too old to be commented.