Digital Chumps: Last Rebellion Review

DC writes: "Heavy Rain wasn't the only PS3 exclusive released on February 23rd. There was also NIS America's Last Rebellion, a JRPG which casts players as Nine and Aisha as they attempt to restore peace and balance to their world. The quest took me just under fourteen hours according to the timestamp on my save game, and I had a lot of fun throughout. However, Last Rebellion's casual difficulty and lack of any side quests may ultimately make this a tough purchase decision for the JRPG crowd."

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callahan093139d ago

A good review. I liked this game. Not great, but good enough to go through and get the platinum.

Lifewish3139d ago

wow a 7.4 and you had fun? Did we play the same game?

AbyssGravelord3139d ago

I'll wait till this is in the $20 bargain bin to buy it, too busy with WKC and FFXIII at the moment.