Top 10 Resident Evil Games

ThisKid writes: "Resident Evil games have been scaring kids and adults alike for over 10 years, so we decided to count down the 10 greatest."

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Ronster3163139d ago

I agree with the top 3 positions aswell.

Resident evil 2 had two playable characters and a scenario A & B for both characters aswell, thus you needed 4 playthroughs to see everything, then of course there was the 4th survivor, everything you could want in a sequel and so much more.

Nice to see Resident Evil Gaiden so high up aswell, that was a suprisingly great game for the GBC.

wipeoutt3139d ago

to be honest i can't fault the top 5 if im honest although i do question numbers 10-8 !

beckyyy3139d ago

don't play enough resi games