Nintendo DS Still Claiming Records

resumeplay writes: "When February's NPD numbers released, Nintendo was in for a treat when the Nintendo DS claimed more than 613,000 sales beating out last year's record of… itself. Yes, the Nintendo DS last February, that's after the holiday rush where millions were selling every month, took the record from itself which was originally set at 597,000."

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brandynevils3140d ago

This thing seems like it will never quit.

qface643140d ago

the ds is actually skynet in disguise

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3140d ago

One of those 613,000 was mine. :D

I decided it was about time that I got one, so I did (from Sears, of all places lol).

smashly3140d ago

This won't quit with the XL coming out soon.

mau643140d ago

Yup, I don't see it slowing down for nothing.

SKGamer3140d ago

Well supposedly there is a full-on successor to the DS in the works, I've heard some rumors about it being in development. So if that ever comes out, I guess the DS will finally slow down.

But of course, the new handheld would just take up the mantle of success.

I wonder what the new version will feature. Will they finally combine all of DS's various features (big screen, camera, GBA slot) and versions into one ultimate next-gen DS? Time will tell...

SKGamer3140d ago

The DS is a strange beast. I mean Nintendo has done the iterated system before with the GameBoy, but that had clear technical and graphical updates each time, and had whole new cartridges to utilize the obvious step up.

The DS versions are all steps sideways, not necessarily up. You gain a camera, but lose the GBA slot. You make a version with a bigger screen, but its also a bigger unit so it doesn't fit in kid's pockets. Various versions for different kinds of users, all on the market at the same time.

eagle213140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I am actually so close to buying an XL (maybe when more colors drop). It's hard to leave a new Nintendo anything in the store. :)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3140d ago

I want one also, but I have decided to hold off on buying one until more info about the "DS 2" comes out.

If the new DS is coming out Fall of 2010, I will buy that instead of the XL.