February Was The "Biggest In Xbox 360 History" Says Microsoft

Microsoft has officially responded to the NPD February video games sales results, and as expected the company spoke proud about its venerable console.

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gameseveryday3140d ago

oh!!! Another news which states someone is better than someone! come on!

qface643140d ago

the tittle doesn't make much sense or is it just me?

the tittle would imply that february was the best month in the history of the 360 period ignoring december and whatnot

FangBlade3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Why the hell do the NPD numbers matter so much?
I thought its all about the WW sales..

DelbertGrady3140d ago

Probably because they are being tracked, unlike worldwide sales. Even though they just provide US numbers they are based on retailers numbers. It's funny how some people want to ignore them and instead rely on sourceless reports about worldwide sales.

FangBlade3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

But the PS3 is still closing gap so whats the point?

The Killer3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

now what would they do if they had a line up like sony? heavy rain, WKC, MAG etc?

MS and their fans are easily pleased!! just through a good game every 6 months and they will be very happy!! they will even think they got the best and most games in the world!!


we know u r a 360 fanboy and we know that it is very easy to please u, 1 pokemon to u and u will be happy and quite! but u should know that every year with 1 year exception the ps3 sold few millions more than 360!! so when we hear unreliable sources says ps3 sold more world wide than 360 we know that is a sound logic and truth behind it!!

any way i wont be surprised if ps3 catches up with 360 in this year!!

thrust3140d ago

maybe the gap is closing but it is not closing fast enough for the ps3 to over take before MS move on to the next console.

i.e does not matter about sales.

DelbertGrady3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Closing the gap according to what numbers? Fantasy numbers for WW sales?

@The Killer - You shouldn't talk about fanboyism. You're a religious fanatic. I can't take you or your comments seriously.

zeeshan3140d ago

February has been a great month for almost all the consoles. Yes, Wii sales declined but they are still posting some serious numbers there. PS3 is outselling Xbox360 Worldwide and N$ Xbox360 has locked the United States of America so far this gen (at least when it comes to HD consoles).

February is not supposed to be that big for either company but since all three console manufactures are doing so well, it seems that we are finally coming out of the recession. Slowly but surely, the video games industry is also starting to show improvements.

It means a WIN for us gamers and that is what really matters!

Megaton3140d ago

Isn't this a dupe? Thought I already saw Greenberg respond saying all of them were sold in anticipation of Natal (lol).

Elven63140d ago

FangBlade: Microsoft is an American company so American and some foreign investors also want to see how the company is doing in that region. Same goes for Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Activision, etc in that area.

Of course developers/publishers get far better industry numbers than the public does, for one, Canada is left out of NPD.

MmaFanQc3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

sooo...if i understand, MS is beating his chest because Sony have a ps3 shortage right now...even when sony still have better sale worldwide?

btw, npd dont even include canada or the rest of the world....

nuff said.

thewhoopimen3140d ago

Let them cling to NPD while the world grows wiser.

thegood333140d ago

Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet.


The 360 is the one that outsold Wii in February.

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ape0073140d ago

your system is amazing, my favorite game of all time is going to release this Wednesday, fully remastered and cost only 800 pts, you know what im talking about

and I cannot damn wait for splinter cell and sick looking Halo Reach

ape0073140d ago

ape007 and EvilMonkey

hehehe, let's go Ape Crazy On N4g

MaximusPrime3140d ago

For people outside north America, this article means nothing to you.

Cueil3140d ago

it means more than you can possible fathom... it shows that no matter what Sony does it can never overcome Microsoft in the NA region(the largest) and It keeps that gap from closing until the next major shift. For most developers in the NA and European region the numbers they look at are not World Wide. They look at NA and European numbers in conjuction... Japan is rarely more than a footnote for most Wester developers

xTruthx3140d ago

above calm down lol, this is the first time MS passes sony and we are on march. Theres plenty of time for Sony to pass MS, specially with GT5 and Gow 3.

evilmonkey5013140d ago

I think the gap will keep on shrinking.It would be interesting to see how much rrod has affected Microsoft's console sales.It can only help them inflate consoles sold by 200-300%.Everyone I know has purchased at LEAST 2 or 3 new xboxes. (ie:omg new chip-set, maybe THIS one wont get rrod too)...If rrod never existed would their numbers be so high in the U.S.?

immortal843140d ago

is doing great in the us, other regions? not so much imo.

Cueil3140d ago

It's doing fine... it may be struggling in Japan but it's already passed the Xbox 1's numbers which is a good sign

Dance3139d ago

Only place where the xbox is selling bad is Japan

DelbertGrady3140d ago

Great work MS! I really liked the big injection of games XBLA has received the last months. The Blur beta is awesome as well.

*runs for cover*

thrust3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

yeahhhh that blur beta is amazing so glad am not missing out on that when that comes out i will be getting that game,this game needs to be hyped up alot more.

edit: i bet i will get psfanboys going but but you pay for it ROFL!

i pay for good things!

MmaFanQc3140d ago

yeah, im talking about you thrust