God of War 3: Entire Single Player Campaign Leaked

Watch the entire single player campaign on GamingBolt now.

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gameseveryday3143d ago

Why? So that people who cannot bring the game on March 16th or just cant wait till the 16th can feast their eyes on this now.

deadreckoning6663143d ago

Rashid's right actually. If people wanna see this, then why prevent them from doing so? Anyone who doesn't wanna watch can just simply not click. This isn't LAME.

Darkeyes3143d ago

^^^^ Dead this is lame cause bitter 360 fanboys like Bungie see this and then spoil the games by making usernames with spoilers.... This shouldn't be approved and shame on you Gamingbolt

Nike3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

God of War III isn't the same as Heavy Rain. HR was a mystery wherein the identity of the Origami Killer was a meant to be the shocking revelation.

We already know how God of War III ends (Kratos kills every one - duh!) but the journey getting there? That's not something that can be easily spoiled, unless you watch the videos...or guys like Bungie, as you say, are capable enough to write an entire walkthrough of what goes on (and it'll take a post longer than the longest N4G post to explain EVERYTHING).

So just relax and enjoy if you want, or wait a few more days to get GoW 3 for yourself. Simple. :)

zeeshan3143d ago

THEY NEED TO TAKE IT DOWN or Sony should take some sort of action against such actions! What kind of an idiot would do that?

Megaton3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I've been watching them since he started on Thursday, seen the first 4 - 5 hours.

*SPOILER ALERT* Kratos kills lots of people.


Alan Wake , Lost Planet 2 , Conviction , and Halo Reach

ABizzel13143d ago

This needs to be taken down, because GOW is a single player game, and if you can watch the entire campaign then there's no need to go and buy the game, at least not day one. This is like bootlegging a movie.

Biggest3143d ago

But none of those 360 games are secret in how they play out. Alan Wake is dreaming. Lost Planet 2 is just an action game. Same for Crackdown 2. And the entire story of Halo has already happened.

HolyOrangeCows3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Great. Now the Xbox nerd team is going to start making spoiler accounts, commenting spoilers, etc like they did with Heavy Rain.

WildArmed3142d ago

I have a few friends on my friends list playing GoW3 and uploading to Youtube as they go..

........WHY!? lol

Doesn't matter to me. I've been on media block for the last month or so now.

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jellybalboa3142d ago

i will wait till the release date and see for myself

gameseveryday3143d ago

Its been uploaded as we speak.

Between its my request to whoever has reported the story as lame or fake. Its not lame or fake. You can check the videos yourself on the site. So stop putting false reports or I will have to complain to the n4g admin and make sure that proper moderation is done for the people involved. Thanks and enjoy the videos :)

sarshelyam3143d ago

You are trading on SCE's toes. I wouldn't be surprised if they step in with a request on intellectual rights and have the video removed.

Silly gameAr3143d ago

You're the one that should be reported.

CernaML3143d ago

lol @ all the lowlife scum who tried to spoil this game yesterday. It's not like it has a "What a twist!" moment at the end. This game will be amazing from start to finish. I think many of us can agree that all we want to see is Kratos rip Zeus' head off!

Darkeyes3143d ago

Yup, I saw that someone spoilt the GOW3 ending yesterday... Not that it spoilt my game since I expected it (it happens in every GOW game lol), but still I feel bad since these low life scums are gonna do that for every single game from now on... Sad state. It's ok to mock someone and make fun, but when someone goes this far, then they obviously have some issues and take things way too seriously.

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