Saints Row Demo is avalible on OXM demo disk

If can not wait until August first for the demo to come to the marketplace, you can buy this months issue of Official Xbox Magazine which includes the Saints Row Demo.

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Zaskark55411d ago

mine should be coming in the mail anytime !

Marriot VP5411d ago

GET IT ON XBLMP, monday....pleeeeaaaassssseee

Endless5410d ago

why can't they release it on the marketplace as well? that's just retarted...

360theAssasinsCreed5410d ago

I went to Gamestop and put 5 bucks down to pre order this game and got the demo for it for free and i will say this game is sweet can't wait for the full version on Aug 29th. This game is next gen with the rag doll physics, you can even kick trash bags around if you want LOL, you can drink 40oz., smoke spliffs, bongs etc its funny as hell. Well just thought i give you guys another option of getting this demo give it a try its a pleasant surprise.

USMChardcharger5410d ago

i got it friday, it is a blast. best way to discribe it is that it is an improved GTA.
physics to this game are going to make for some fun times.
one improvement to GTA is how recruited gang members act. they actually are useful. i walked into a store and pulled out my gun to hold up the store. while i did that the gang member that was with me pulled out his gun and covered every one else in the store.
you actually can get the store clerk to go into the back and open the safe. then it is out the back door with the loot.

Nodoze5410d ago

USMC, is this game worthy of a purchase from what you have seen with the demo? Is the story tacked on, or integrated into the game? How is the driving and aiming? A amjor complaint I had with GTA was the driving/damage to the cars was ridiculous and the aiming was horrible.

Overall what rating would you give to the demo/game based on what you have experienced?

PS3sux360inchWiiWii5410d ago

I pre-ordered and got the demo. Went back and cancelled the reserve and put it towards Gears Of War, lol.

But this game is f**king bad @$$ hands down, holy hell. GTA has definatley gotta up the anti. This game has must have written all over it. I'd run out of room to type up everything awesome I've expierenced in the demo. The physics, pedestrian interactions, smartness of your gangs, the way cop car lights reflect off of everything, I bought a hat in the game and got to pick what color and stuff I wanted it... even how I wore it I got to choose, you get jumped into a gang and can even participate in jumping others in, etc.. I love when you take a car as the driver is in it and you swing open the door, grab them by the hair and beat their face offa the horn and throw them out... AWESOME! the animations of climbing fences, etc.. AWESOME!. Held up and robbed a liquor store with a fellow gang member, AWESOME!. So many things... trust me... GET THIS GAME!

speed5409d ago

I was impressed, great visuals, dialogue, and controls. A little tough for me to get used to using the A and B buttons for driving but no big deal. I think GTA will still have them beat in terms of personality and style but they will definitely need to take notes and bust their ass to beat out this one in other aspects.

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