Ripoff Report: BioShock 2 DLC Confirmed Already on the Disc

GFB writes: "Gamers who have paid for the "downloadable content" for BioShock 2 are pretty upset after finding out it's not really downloadable content since it is already on the disc. While many sites have reported their suspicions about the ripoff, users from 2K's official forums are posting proof today.

Many Go Fanboy members posted concerns about the possibility of this happening after 2K announced the DLC well before the release of the title. Why companies do this is beyond us. Even more disconcerting is that the console companies allow it to happen. They are getting a cut of this. So who do you blame? We say you blame both the publisher and the console you're downloading on. "

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GunShotEddy3194d ago

The companies need to be told with our wallets that we won't keep paying extra. If it's on the disc, we already bought it.

charlescox43194d ago

Are we just suppose to go without the content. We complained to EA and they didn't stop. Samething for Katamari Damacy on 360.

TheHater3194d ago

The contents is suppose to be ours to begin with because its already on the disk

DavidMacDougall3193d ago

Didn't they pull all that "Pay for weapons" in BFBC cause we told them to **** off?

buzzie243193d ago

wE ARE NOW PAYING 65-70 FOR MOST GAMES NOW AND THEY STILL WANT MORE. THAT'S SCANDLIST AND A TOTAL RIP OFF.and besides the sequel is much shorter than the first bioshock so why do they want more money??????

Blaze9293193d ago

I saw this the other day on Marketplace and just laughed at the download size then looked at the price. It's sickening. What they, and other publishers need to do, is now stop trying to rip people off and just go the EA/Microsoft route and make these DLCs for people who buy their game new. Buy it second-hand, rent, or borrow then you pay to make up the loss the developer and publisher will suffer.

Sad part is there are people out there who actually buy this crap and lead developers into thinking that's cool to do.

beans3193d ago

This is a shame and I'm not buying Bioshock 2 ever after renting it. It's a step back rather than forward in every area except multiplayer. There's no honor for these company's and rather than making a huge improved sequel they go for the con man approach to try and rake in as much cash as possible.

IdleLeeSiuLung3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

DLC could be planned and implemented in advance as it probably has better profit margins than say when the game goes budget.

I'm not advocating overpriced DLC, but if you consider that a game that cost around $25-50 million to make and you sell anywhere from 2.5-5 million copies. That means about $5-10 of each game sold is development cost without even considering marketing, support, the risk and etc.

If you don't like it, vote with your wallet! The problem is, people have been voting with their wallet and they don't mind it seems.

Besides would it make you feel better if the publisher held the content and released it as download only?

Fact of the matter is, perhaps most companies already do this and you don't even know it and have been supporting this practice all along!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3193d ago

You know what. If Take2 had actually made a game better than it's predecessor then maybe I would have thought differently about this. But the fact is they took a three year old game added a story worse than the original and lost the atmosphere and epic characters. They don't deserve any more money.

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VG_Releaser3194d ago

Exactly. If it's on the disc. We already paid for it. To say "Should we go without" is stupid. We ALREADY PAID!. It becomes our possession if it's on the disc we bought.

Would you buy a console that you when you got it home you had to pay more for a combination to unlock the controller?

IdleLeeSiuLung3193d ago

Do you own the Ultimate version of Windows 7 when you paid for Basic? I mean the ultimate version is on the disc. So is Office 2007 and a host of other software from Adobe and many other vendors. They all for the most part work the same way.

What about shareware, I mean after all they gave you the software for free. Does it mean you own the right to unlock it without the vendors permission?

Bottom line is, software is a license not ownership. You don't own the software, but you buy a license to use it in accordance with what the manufacturer stipulates.

I hate this practice as much as you do, but it is part of business and you agreed to it when you bought it!

-MD-3194d ago

I'm not paying a cent.

DJKGBYF3194d ago

Except there are a lot of people that are not smart enough to realize what is wrong with doing things like this.

Silly gameAr3193d ago

Me either. This felt like a rip off when it was first announced.

sloth33953194d ago

its pretty much no different then paying to play an MMO you buy the disc but you cant play unless you pay for the service

VG_Releaser3194d ago

It's very different. For the simple fact that at least MMOs are honest about pay for play. This isn't pay for play, it's paying for content you already got.

tripewire3193d ago

I posted this in a related topic pending approval but Ill repost it here.

"Im waiting for someone to kick up a legal stink over this due to its frequency. I can see them at some stage having to put labels on cases such as "Some included content requires an unlocking fee" as labeling it as Downloadable Content is outright False advertising. The content is not downloadable, but is locked.

In other news, F*** you and the horse you rode in on 2K.

Game industry is turning to sh!t. Kinda makes me sad"

Eamon3193d ago

This has become interesting.

It is true: That you have already paid for the content since it is already on the disc.

But they can argue saying, "you've only purchased the right to play the main game and not the DLC. The only difference this time is that you don't have to spend 20 minutes downloading."

This is why I think licensing rights and copyright is full of BS.

It should be this simple: If you purchase a product, it completely belongs with you and you can do whatever you want with it.

It's ironic how companies complain about piracy and do sh1t like this. Shows how full of double standards they have.

narked3193d ago

the tons of updates and sheer scale of an mmo, it's longetivity and the constant need to expand the universe in one single game requires the pay to play.

this is just a single player experience and imo it should have been included at first disk purchase.

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MysticStrummer3193d ago

I intended to buy this game eventually just because I loved the first so much, but now I think I'll borrow it from someone. I don't want to give these bastids a dime. This is wrong and anyone who buys this "DLC" is part of the problem.

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