Uncharted 2 Team Says Cutscenes Are Fundamentally "Counter to Our Medium" writes: It's not uncommon to find praise for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that cites its impressive melding of cinema and gameplay. You truly feel like you're playing an Indiana Jones movie, albeit swapping Harrison Ford for Nathan Drake. Paramount to executing that are the game's detailed cut-scenes. Ironically, however, Naughty Dog creative director Bruce Straley told an audience at the Game Developers Conference this afternoon that cut-scenes are "counter to our medium [games]."

"There is a cost for taking away a player's control," cautioned Straley. "In other words, removing control is counter to our medium. If we all wanted to watch a movie, we'd be in a theater."

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showtimefolks3143d ago

MGS4 cut scenes some had problem i had no issue even if they were one and half hour lol

when i play games i want to see the story move and the best way to move it CGI or in game cut scenes

50seconds scenes are bad for gaming a CS can't be shorter than 2 minutes

everyone has their own opinion that's just mine

zeeshan3143d ago

I loved the way they told the whole MGS4 story. It was brilliant. I know some people didn't like it but to me, it was a great experience.

SupaPlaya3143d ago

my only gripe is the act installs. I don't mind one time installs, but installing on each act irritates me a bit.

I'm sure MGS5 though will change all that. It is their first effort with the PS3 after all.