No StarCraft II Open Beta, Campaign Is 20-30 Hours Long

Currently a small amount of lucky gamers are participating in StarCraft II's beta. Unfortunately for the players who didn't get in, Blizzard intends to keep the beta a very exclusive event.

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lovestospoodge3140d ago

LOL i remember that. jesus 20-30 hours + 5 years of scII battlenet. im set!

condorstrike3140d ago

StarCraft II's terran campaign will consist of approximately 26 to 30 missions, and each expansion set will include a similar number of missions. This means that the complete StarCraft II Trilogy will include as many as 90 single-player missions. This allows us to create a truly epic story experience with a great variety of unique missions and gameplay types

that's 26-30 per race....over 100 hours single player...damn erroneous

Panthers3140d ago

Well I feel special being part of the beta. Cant wait for this to release though. Im not the greatest player and want some single player and custom games.

edit: didnt mean to reply to anyone.


Well, there's a way to play the Closed beta without a key or code.
But the problem is that you only can play against the CPU only, still is good enough to test the game.

kraze073140d ago

I'm guessing the extremely long campaign combined with multiplayer is supposed to keep us busy for the next 10+ years until SC3 comes out right? Honestly I can't argue with that. I still play SC1 every now and then.