How to Register for FFXIV PS3 Beta, with FFXIII Code

DualShockers writes, "Final Fantasy fans, Square Enix told you that if you picked up a launch copy of Final Fantasy XIII that you would be rewarded with a invitation code to the PlayStation 3 Beta of the upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. There is also a special item involved here. For those who received this pamphlet in their launch copy of Final Fantasy XIII but are confused with how to go about registering for the PS3 beta, we've got your back. Read on for the intricacies of this easy-to-miss beta code retrieval process, including a step-by-step guide..."

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IG_DARKSA1NT3146d ago

Trust me, it's like pulling teeth!

Nitrowolf23146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

why didn't they just include the beta code with the game and have it so you can just enter it through ps3 instead of going through this long process
ah i just read more i guess its a drafting that they do. thats [email protected] i hope qore give us access to the beta

Chadness3146d ago

To be honest, it is a rather round-about way of doing things. But hey, whatever.

Hitman07693146d ago

I agree that its overly complex, this is why I made the article. Hope that it helps you out, don't expect a Qore beta for this one as its from Square Enix and not a 1st or 2nd part title from Sony.

Lionsguard3145d ago

Because you're NOT guaranteed a spot in the beta, it just lets you sign up because you have a code.

showtimefolks3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

on pc and ps3 where xbox360 version will be coming later?

first few years of next-gen consoles no FF games now we could get 3 games in 2 years from FF13 release date.

14 online

i am not a FF fan but that's good for FF series fans since the engine is in its place time to roll out game to make your fanbase happy

is versus still exclusive?

Hitman07693146d ago

FF14 is not announced for Xbox, it is probably not coming later. FF13 Versus is still exclusive to PS3 yes.

Arnon3145d ago

It is confirmed for the 360.

Also, I'm not even sure this code ensues you for instant beta access.. I did it, and all it said was "Thanks for registering!" -.-

Hitman07693145d ago

@Arnon, thanks for clearing my error.

Arnon3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Any idea how to review your 20-digit code? It told me to go to the Final Fantasy XIII or "III" page, as I think they did a typo, but I don't see where I would go to find it.

EDIT: Found it!

For anyone wanting to review their code, click on "Bonus Codes" on the Final Fantasy XIII features page, and scroll down to whatever version you have registered.

rob60213145d ago

How exactly does your link confirm an xbox 360 version? All it says is they're trying to negotiate with MS for an eventual later release on the 360. It pretty much reiterates that It will not launch simultaneously on MS's console - in other worlds: it will only come later if it does indeed come. That's no confirmation that it will ever happen.

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Noctis3146d ago sure live under a rock.

Hitman07693146d ago

Hopefully this clears things up for people having trouble retrieving their code.

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