Should Microsoft & Sony Be Embarrassed?

" I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing." Reggie Fils-Aime was quoted when asked about what he thought of the new motion controlled offerings coming later this year from Sony and Microsoft. But should Microsoft and Sony be embarrassed by their upcoming products?

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Dance3167d ago

MS and Sony have reached a new low

WildArmed3167d ago

I dont see why they should be..
PSone was the first console with CDs (or was it Sega?)

Anyways, the competitors DONT need to be embrassed that DVD/CD became the dominant media for gaming.

Should Sony and Nintendo be embrassed for trying to imitate the sucess of Xbox Live?
No. It happened.

Should MS be embrassed for copying dual analog sticks?
no, they work great.

Ofc, this is just my opinion.

Should consoles be embrassed that they are PC knock offs? no lol

bioshock12213167d ago

Why would they be embarassed everyone copies off from each other. But if you are gonna do it then the key is to make your product better which both are doing.

-Alpha3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

And bioshock, I agree completely.

People make the following assumptions:

-Innovation = Success/Greatness
-Copying= Bad/Failure

To the first one, though innovation is great it's also not needed to succeed or offer a great product.

For the second one, people have always copied and shared ideas. That's how the world works: People borrow ideas-- they key is expanding and building on them and that is what Natal and Move does.

The only real people who have a problem with any of this are fanboys who can't appreciate gaming and who have to try stunting and looking down upon ideas. Yeah, Move is a direct copy of the Wii, and Natal is a direct copy off of EyeToy, but they are both offering a substantial upgrade to older technology.

Christopher3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Will he say the same thing when they put out a Wii HD, then?

I didn't see any complaints like this with WoW, which copied from every single other MMO out there and has still not done anything innovative.

Buttons and #of analog sticks + d-pad on the 360 controller?

Seriously, everyone copies everyone, including nintendo.

HighDefinition3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Not a HUGE fan of motion controls, but I see it like this.....

Nintendo dropped the ball and Sonys getting ready to run w/ it.

This is what the Wii controller should`ve been like and the Wii should be a HD system.

Darkstorn3167d ago

True. From a software perspective, Uncharted 2 didn't innovate, but it mixed and refined genre norms into near perfection, and was duly rewarded.

I still think innovation should be given more credit than flat-out copying, but both are perfectly acceptable approaches to making games and hardware. The Wii innovated, but it didn't do it that well.

young juice3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

microsoft and sony have NOTHING to be embarressed about.

just because they use motion control? thats the stupidest thing i have heard in about a week.

should samsung, sprint, or any other company be embarressed after they tried to copy the success of the iphone? hell no

its called innovation and all 3 company's have a role to play, so that the next gen can learn from this gens mistakes. just like how im sure the xbox 720 will have blu-ray. its not like they have a choice.

technology evolves and 20 years from now when motion control has been long perfected, people are gonna look back at the 7th gen and say ..."damn"........yea h just like how we look at the snes and say " pffft cavemen".

Silver3603167d ago

that gave the wii it's numbers. It cost $250 when the PS3 cost $600 and the 360 cost $500. Easy to build momentum when you are the cheapest new console out there. Even now with all the millions that Sony and MS have sold there real system are still not at $250. Talk innovation all you want I say price came first then a fad started.

Daishi3167d ago

The thing that sold the Wii was the fact that it had better graphics than the PS2 (which was what most people were upgrading from) and like the comment above, it was cheaper.

harrisk9543167d ago

for putting out a system that pushes shovelware?

for putting out a system that alienated its core audience?

for not developing new IPs and relying almost exclusively on IPs that (while great) have been around for 20 years?

HolyOrangeCows3167d ago

Embarrassed for being a business and addressing demand?

kwicksandz3167d ago

@ skv 3d0, jaguar cd, sega cd all came before psone

And this has been a generation of copying featuresets. Achievements - trophys, guide button - ps button in game dash - In game xmb, avatars -miis - home avatars etc

Clearly MS and Sony have no issues copying features from their competitors

Bubble Buddy3167d ago

Until the Wii gets some good games like the PS3 and 360, they shouldn't talk. Haven't touched the Wii in months. I don't even remember the last Wii game that was amazing?

beans3167d ago

Nintendo completely turned there back on the hardcore which is just sad. When you think about it all they really did was just go for the money by re-casing the gamecube and giving it motion controls. I'm thankful for what Sony and MS have done for the gamer which is why there motion controls will earn much more respect in my book.

3167d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3167d ago

Nothing is more embarrassing than badly managing your company and not pursuing profitable ventures!

That's why I never see anything wrong with copying and improving because it helps keep competition going and is good for both consumers and shareholders.

Why should anyone be embarrassed other than saying "you should be embarrassed for venturing into potentially profitable business"!!!???

Neo6043167d ago

broke ass consoles GTFO here.

bu bu bu teh salessss!!!!!!!!

pixelsword3167d ago

The Wii's graphics have been done before; like as in LAST GEN.

Viper73167d ago

No, since this is competition. Maybe having Sony and Microsoft show their own share in motion controls will force Nintendo to try harder. Wiimote is just a controller, and controller alone can only do so little. Maybe Nintendo is just afraid that Sony and Microsoft will force them to do something instead of just sitting around.

Just look at them, they take ages to release new (often outdated) games to an outdated system while Sony constantly releases new games around all genres. X360 might not be so big on the side of 1st/2nd party devs but constant flow of new multiplatform and steady phase of exclusives keep the users entertained.

So by all means Sony and Microsoft, show us how much better games/software you can make for these new controllers. Not just casual games but HC as well. And Nintendo, show us how much you actually care about keeping the motion control superiority instead of whining when competitors invade your own territory and possibly overtake them.

badz1493166d ago

why? Nintendo owns the Wii but motion controls are for everybody! it's not even 'exclusive' to begin with! they just implement it out front compared to their competitors and it paid off for them! but to say that other people should be embarrassed for imitating? that's kinda ignorant! Nintendo was not even the 1st to implement motion control and now Reggie is trying to convince people that motion controls are Nintendo's? yeah, what ever makes you sleep better at night, Reggie boy!

Mini Mario3166d ago

Yes everybody copies each other. George lucas loves the fact that everyone copied indiana jones.

The point is that both sony and MS told everyone how much they thought motion sensing was a big waste of time.

Almost every sony/MS fanboy said the same. Now its ok>>> ?

That's the problem. The hyprocritical comments coming from both of those companies and fanboys.

Mini Mario3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"Until the Wii gets some good games like the PS3 and 360, they shouldn't talk. Haven't touched the Wii in months. I don't even remember the last Wii game that was amazing? "

Ahh tatsunoko vs capcom? hunter...punh out...mario bros wii??...HOD overkill? to name a very few in a long list..

hmm gee Your games at all!

/sarcasim lol

Bubble Buddy3166d ago

Maybe I should rephrase that; games that I find interesting. I hate any game with Mario in the title. I want games like No More Heroes, and I'm still waiting for a great lightsaber game that I doubt will ever come. Hopefully Lucas Arts can think of one on the Move.

siyrobbo3166d ago

sega had motion technology on home consoles before nintendo

they just limited it to a fishing rod on the dreamcast

imagine how different things would have been if they had just thought about the technology they had

N4g_null3166d ago

So ps3 fanboys copying is fine now huh? So ms buying out your exclusives was ok? The silly hd DVD vs blu Ray was ok? So I guess it's ok for ms to make a ps3 dual shock 3 rip off now.

The double standards will be the death of Sony. For 3 years they called the wii a toy now they have the controls of a toy. No force detection no hapitic feed back just the same thing for what looks like more money.
Sony follow ms put them in thrid. Sony copying nintendo with out any real improvment maybe their undoing. We are looking a 2 to 3 years before their sdk catches up with nintendo.

Also talk about turning your back, I hope Sony doesn't expect those games to sell to people who hate motion gaming. I hope they have a plan that can support both. When is sony's fitness game coming out. I hope they don't believe the laspe gamers and expanded gamers are going to rebuy more expensive replacments.

Sure the ps3 diehards will love it but who else. This whole thing reeks of investors pushing Sony rather than Sony having a real vision. Could this be sony's n64, 32x maybe. Even if you hate the Sony move you better buy it or you can for get about AAA effort and hd motion control appearing in the same game.

Immortal3213166d ago

you should had a copyright for the motion controls. Nintendo you should be embarrass. Sony should be embarrass with the eye toy.

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FanboyAttack3167d ago

Sony should! the Move is a direct ripoff of the Wii controller.

morganfell3167d ago

Know any company that ripped off Miis? And the 360 controller is a ripoff of the Dual Shock.

Parapraxis3167d ago

"he Move is a direct ripoff of the Wii controller. "
Yes it is, if you completely ignore how it much better than what the Wii offers technically.
(if you want an explanation of why Sony's Move is vastly better than the Wiimote &'ve already failed)

HighDefinition3167d ago

It`s what the Wii control SHOULD be like.

Darkfocus3167d ago

like natals not a rip off of anything "Cough" eyetoy "Cough"

Rocket Sauce3167d ago

Sony should be commended for taking the Wii remote and making it look even more like a dildo.

fear883167d ago

Move has been in development for 8 years.

Compare that to tacked on waggle on a last gen system with shovelware.

No comparison

pixelsword3166d ago

like someone quoted in the article you posted;

[Not only did Sony steal Nintendo's innovative idea, they used a time machine in an attempt to patent in 11 months (before the Nintendo announcement).

This is just like them to try something so diabolical!!!

Bad Sony, bad!]

Move was actually for the PS2, now that's news.

N4g_null3166d ago

The problem with a rip off is you can only immate the oringinal. The name brand of the wii is know for motion gaming. Also this tech is on par with motion plus. Keep believeing that and you will end up being suckered some $100 later.

Hey but people learn best when they see things first hand. Lol if coded correctly the natal can be good also but who wants to pay for maybes this could end up being like the cell all over again.

That brings up another point is it getting harder to be a console dev or what.

Eamon3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

LOL at pixelsword's comment. Bubbles!

BTW, morganfell, your reply was suuuuch a generic fanboy response. Why did you feel the urge to mention the 360 when someone made a comment about PS3 and Wii. Paranoia? Insecurity? Or do you just have no life?

In terms of tech, Sony's Move peripheral has not copied Nintendo's Wii Remote.
But in terms of design and how the controller appears. Yes, they did copy. Move almost resembles a black wiimote with a bulb on it. And the Sub controller resembles a wireless nunchuck.

I've tried to convince myself the past couple of months that motion gaming is a gimmick but Natal and Move have are quite appealing in terms of Game Design possibilities. Natal with its full body motion and facial expression capture. Move with its pinpoint accuracy and sensitivity (Basically what the Wii should have been).

Can't wait for e3 2010!

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Natsu X FairyTail3167d ago

Depends though. IF I make a product who looks like something on the market and actually works alot better than I dont see why they should be ashamed.

but if you make the same thing but suck at it. Yeah they should

Lou Ferrigno3167d ago

good stuff man,probably the only good post ive ever read from you or seen you post.

its all good though natsu,i agree with your comment 100%

even if the product LOOKs EXACTLY the same, but ultimately PERFORMS better then no ashamedment should be taken..
its that simple.

Parapraxis3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I agree Natsu, and I think you're right when you say Sony's Move succeeds (in so many words)
Natal on the other hand, well it's vaporware, plain and simple.
Natal has not proven itself in any fashion and any feedback that has hit the internet has been very negative.

In it's current state MS will scrap NATAL before it's launched.
within the next month they will start reducing the media for it.
By June 1st it will no longer be talked about.
It was a bold idea indeed from MS, but one that was destined to fail.
The only way to save NATAL would be for MS to introduce motion controllers, but I honestly think they are to proud.
It will be another Windows ME and it will be buried as fast as possible.

GR8 13167d ago

Microsoft has nothing to be Embarrassed about because Natal is completely different from Wii in any form what so ever Natal is pure innovation nothing like this exist is in the Market.

Sony should be Embarrassed because it's a complete copy cat of the Wii in desperation Sony hopes they can get some of the Wii crowd to adopt their Motion Controller which won't happen.

Face it Sony your permanently stuck in 3RD Place this Gen.

MGOelite3167d ago

how is natal pure innovation lol the eye toy is like a decade old you idiot

MGOelite3167d ago

natal = souped up eyetoy

Sony move = souped up wii mote

Tito083167d ago

I'm not into that motion sensing thing, but Sony has both the Wiimote & Natal in one, all I'm insterested in Natal is navigating on the Xbox dashboard, so I wouldn't need to worry about picking up the controller, but the rest, not insterested at all.... That controller might be a copy of the Wii, but I think it'll b better!!!!

Marty83703167d ago

LAGTAL is different cos it's the one that has problems working, while both Wiimotion+ & MOVE work.

Jump Out, Play B3yond

awesomeperson3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Yep, your metal gear rising.

Anyway, how is Natal unlike nothing on the market now? Its just an upgraded eyetoy.

Seen what happened behind the scenes at GDC, Natal couldn't recognize some ones shape because they were wearing black! When Milo tried to draw a cat he drew the guys logo on his shirt. Thats pathetic.

You should be embarrassed for your love of Natal.


Not only those two videos you post are the ones who debunk teh Natal, there is also another well done video with other features:

Add it with your arguments next time!
There are many others but anyway, it's enough !
Cheers ;)

Trebius3166d ago

They havent seen what the rest of us real gamers have seen.

Natal is old tech repackaged and advertised as new Tech.

mxrider23166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

just they are blind i grew up with super nintendo n64 ps1 ps2 and original xbox they just dont know anything cause they are blind by MS b/c they were probably brought up somewhere where their parents hate every other country and think america is the best (which it is) but there is no reason to hate other countries and in return they hate other companies that arent american
edit: if that didnt make sense the summary is they are blind b/c they hate everything not american

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halojunkie3167d ago

they didnt make bluray 4 360 and its inferior

FanboyAttack3167d ago

Untrue! I personally dont mind disk swapping. Its clear that both platforms can offer great graphics with the current hardware capabilities. BR isn't gonna matter for a long time. And by the time that it does. You'll be downloading those games. Instead of buying disks.

WildArmed3167d ago

Well I'm pretty sure Blu-ray matters and it's been proven so. All these great games coming out show so.

But does that make the 360 games any worse? no. 360 games are just as great. DVD works too.

Does it matter ALOT? No.
But does it matter? Yes, clearly.

KiraxYamato3167d ago

Look at Final Fantasy XIII, It need 3 disc, compressed audio, and graphic is reduced to 576p? while PS3 went 1 disc, uncompressed audio, and full 720p of cut-scenes and game-play.

Anorexorcist3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

True. That is so true, yet the pathetic disagrees to sensible comments like yours and halojunkie's will continue to rack up.

To all the perpetual idiot disagreers on N4G: sleep well tonight kids!

Tito083167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Rockstar were the first ones to mention they had a problem with the DVD for GTA4, now they seem to experience the same thing with L.A. Noire, Capcom also with removing some LP2 content, Square with Final Fantasy, despite being 3 discs...ME2 you're playing disc 2 and at some point you have to go back to disc one.... They had a very big chance of implementing HD-DVD on the system, they stabbed Toshiba in the back by saying they prefered downloadable movies over HD-DVD despite having the add on.... Why do you think Microsoft were the ones that brought the idea about DLCs, that's why they chose DVD over HD-DVD... But in the case of Halo ODST, wich was supposed to be a DLC for Halo 3, is sold at a full price, come on, and they added another disc in the for of a 3 year old online mode to make ppl believe the price is right!!!!!!

JackBNimble3167d ago

Wouldn't the problem be solved if you could install the game on to the HDD? It shouldn't matter then how many discs the game is, should it?

Times have changed it ain't 2005 any more I think MS should rethink things.

hatchimatchi3166d ago

funny how userthree talks about how blu ray doesn't matter right now and that we'll be downloading games soon.

you realize that the 360 is the only console on the market that is available without a hdd...

greatjimbo783166d ago

Wait, What! The Wii has a HDD? How big? And how come me, and everyone else on Gods green earth doesn't know this as well.

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