The Misguided Path of the Fanboy

An editorial discussing the existence of the fanboy in gaming and their destructive influence in the gaming community.

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drunkpandas4126d ago

I really don't understand why people get so uptight about their favorite product being better. It's the same with sports teams

VendettaWFT4126d ago

I agree that fanboys of consoles and tech products are completely ridiculous and more often than not complete losers but no way are they in the same league as people who root for sports teams. Thats a completely diffrent thing. By your logic I should love every team equally the same when deep down I know the Patriots are better than the Texans

i Shank u4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

dude dont compare it to rooting for sports. i can chill smokeweed all day and actually be good at games; cant do that w/playing sports, so gaming IMO isnt worth rooting for and sports get way more respect. fanboys do suck being a douche having a PS3 or preference and missing out on gears, halo3, mass effect, etc., or vice versa, is gay and anyone who misses out on great games cause of some tard fight shouldnt be gaming. sports are cool you can get into totally retarded fan fights and then have beers after. come on guy

i remember being a little git fighting over which is better, SNES or Genesis. did that shizer when i was 6 or 7, then grew up. some people dont i guess.

taz80804126d ago

I think the term fanboy gets thrown around way too much. I have an opinion on a 360 related issue, that does not automaticlly make a person a fanboy. People I think are getting out of hand using the term.

WafflesID4126d ago

It's the fanboys who take an opinion about something and turn it into an attack on their reason for living.


PS3 has a small library of games making the purchase difficult to justify.

Turns into:

PS3 SuXX0RS!# M$SHAFT FtehW M000re GamEZ0r!#!

Example 2:

Xbox 360 has an unusual amount of hardware issues.

turns into:

PS3 HarDC0RE! BuILT LiKE A R0cK! Xb0X suX MonkEE SPuNK!#

Then there are the even more retarded fanboys who just spew their opinions as illustrated in the later examples.

Fanboys are easy to spot with their one bubble.

MoonDust4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

start to flaming without reading the article.

Rhezin4126d ago

I like fanboyism, it's sorta like a competitive sport, who has the best team (console), and who has the best players (games). Provides a whole new outlook in a growing gaming world.

Kleptic4126d ago

I wonder if TheMart read this...I haven't read his stuff in a while because of the ignore feature...but I sure see the aftermath of replies to his he still under the impression that he is not a douchebag?

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