TRON Viral: Arcade Aid Answers List and Solutions Poster!

Shogun Gamer Writes:

Earlier we posted about the awesome TRON Legacy viral game Arcade Aid, which challenged users in a test of famous game knowledge with this unique pixel-image puzzle. Some people were getting stuck on a few of these brain teasers, so we've whipped up a full solution guide and blank version of the map. Which makes a pretty sweet poster!

Now before we spoil all the good stuff, we highly recommend you try the puzzle on your own first. But if you're really stuck, below [after the jump] is a list of all 56 games you'll need to know. Plus, we've made a single image copy of the entire city, simply because of how cool it is.

Below [after the jump], You can choose from a blank slate or one with answers printed on it (with a stylish 8 bit font, of course).

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