Havok tells PhysX to kiss off

Havok are displaying demonstrations of the latest versions of Havok Destruction and Havok Cloth at GDC, both of which step heavily on the toes of PhysX

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rroded3141d ago

def gives physx a run for its money

n this should b workable on the 360 n ps3

ATi_Elite3140d ago

I don't see this as being a console tech but more of a PC exclusive. The PC already has Physx but it's still going through transformations. Many games have it Batman Arkham Asylum PC comes to mind but they are still perfecting it's best use.

Consoles can barely do 30 frames per second at 720p. They lack the power to calculate Physx and run a game. Also they have just found techniques to try to implement AA so I really don't see Physx happening this console gen.

I'm not dogging the consoles but speaking from a tech perspective they just lack the RAW power needed for this.

holyorangecows23141d ago

Wow that looks great I love games which have destructible environments.

MGRogue20173140d ago

I can't wait to see some X360 & PS3 games being released that harness this new tech :D

TheIneffableBob3140d ago

I think the ogre in the cloth demo is from Project Offset. That game is using Havok and these new features.

Xi3140d ago

considering both HAVok and the project offset team are owned by intel, it'd be kinda pointless not to use havok on the game...

TANUKI3140d ago

Wow, a lot of industry drama! lol

First it was Intel vs Nvidia (or something like that), then Infinity Ward vs Treyarch, and now this? Damn, lol.

PS: Excuse my spelling...

BannedForNineYears3139d ago

Intel VS Nvidia? Never knew there was a battle between CPU manufacturers and graphics cards manufacturers.

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The story is too old to be commented.