Bungie files a new Marathon trademark

Bungie has filed a new trademark registration for Marathon.

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Megaton4952d ago

Played Marathon on my Mac waaaaay back in the day. Would really rather they do a new IP.

Darkstorn4952d ago

They're an extremely talented developer, they could do amazing things with a reboot (and this had better be on PC...)

meetajhu4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Ahh those old days. ka ka ku ku lol. I love see new marathon. It was the first game with dual weild weapon and reload stuff!

ryuzu4952d ago

Could it be that Bungie return to their "spiritual" roots and produce an Apple game?

Apple are getting some gaming momentum suddenly with the Steam + all Valve games getting ported.

Is this a glimpse of the rumored Apple console?

Well - interesting trademark at this stage anywho.


bruddahmanmatt4951d ago

HA! I knew it. All this talk about Bungie potentially doing a multiplat or PS3 game and the first thing I thought of was them reviving the Marathon franchise. In all honesty, I not too sure how many folks who play FPSs these days are aware of Marathon, or that Bungie even made games before Halo. If anything, I think a reboot of the franchise is the way to go. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this "new Marathon" ends up being Marathon in name only with completely original concepts, story and gameplay.

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Cajun Chicken4952d ago

A reboot could be really healthy!

holyorangecows24952d ago

Weren't they suppose to make a new IP well never played marathon so dont know how good it can be.

holyorangecows24952d ago

Wow thanks for the download Cajun I guess I will find out how good it is.

Cajun Chicken4951d ago

Classic FPS source port for PC blog now in pending. More tips and how to get games like this working.

bioshock12214952d ago

Well bungies makes great games so I'm confident in them making another great game question is whether it will be multiplatform.

-MD-4952d ago

I highly doubt it'll be multiplatform. Bungie's entire fanbase is on the 360.

kingdavid4952d ago

Thats like saying valve's only fanbase is on pc...

If they release games on ps3, they will sell. MS doesnt own bungie anymore.

-MD-4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Valve's true fans are on pc, people that bought Left 4 Dead on 360 probably don't even know what Half-Life is or even what Valve or Steam is.

I don't see Bungie going multiplatform at all this generation. The chance is next to nothing. Bungie and Microsoft still have a tight relationship.

kingdavid4952d ago

orange box sold over a million on 360.

Counter Strike was consistently in the top 3 most played every week on original xbox.

-MD-4952d ago

That has literally nothing at all to do with this entire conversation.

Lou Ferrigno4952d ago

haha look at this desperate fool muderdolls lol..

Bungie game multiplatform CONFIRMED!
right murder?

dont forget halo 1 and 2 were mutiplatform games so they got a pc fanbase as well but you wouldnt know anything about that as youve got a microshaft leash tied around your neck.

dont deny the possibilties man,your just gunna cry even harder once you find out they make a ps3 game :)

-MD-4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Thanks for confirming that you're game starved and you're desperate to play Halo.

Edit: Nice single bubble too, hard to believe an xbox fan has 5 and a PS3 fanboy only has one. Your own camp hates you lol.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4952d ago

kingdavid Microsoft still owns enough of Bungie to make sure which platforms they work on.

-MD-4952d ago


"On October 1, 2007, a mere six days after the release of Halo 3, Microsoft and Bungie announced that Bungie was splitting off from its parent and becoming a privately-held Limited Liability Company named Bungie LLC.[20] As outlined in a deal between the two, Microsoft would retain a minority stake and continue to partner with Bungie on publishing and marketing both Halo and future projects, with the Halo intellectual property belonging to Microsoft."

ryuzu4952d ago

Bungie first got involved with MS because they thought they were in big financial trouble after they released a game in the far east with some very nasty bugs (HDD destroying).

They took MS's money at the time to ensure they survived and in order to grow and solidify which they've done.

However, Bungie's founders started life working on Apple platforms because that's what they preferred and Marathon was a big deal at the time for Mac gaming.

I find it difficult to believe this is going anywhere than an Apple platform. May be even iPhone which would be a good first step given that platform's retro gaming line up.

But this claim that MS as a minority stake holder can direct Bungie is wrong.


plb4952d ago

^^up there MS are big shareholders for Bungie so I doubt it would go to PS3

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Lou Ferrigno4952d ago

haha dumb comment but i LAWLS so hard cuz your name "AIDS in my soup" AHAHAHAHAAA! funny stuff man. got anymore jokes?