Nyko Xbox 360 Black Charge Station Review takes a look at The Nyko Xbox 360 Black Charge Station.

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Motion4127d ago

unless they redesigned it, I would have to tell people to stay away from this. I bought the white one months ago, put the batteries in to charge and it didn't work at all. Looking around online I found that this was a very common problem, where the batteries would ship with absolutely no charge, and being completely dead, the charger saw them as defective and refused to charge them at all. The batteries are also very slightly mis-sized, and can take a bit of fighting to get in or out of the controller. So to save time not returning something, just go with the official batteries and charger. Just my opinion.

Ichabod134127d ago

I've used both batteries, they fit into the 4 controllers I have just fine. :P I have 3 older white controllers and one of the new elite controller. They work and charge in all. I even charged all of my original batteries in this unit.

I would say this is the best charger on the market right now... :P