Koku at GDC: Playstation Move Hands On

Koku writes: "What can I say about Sony's answer the Wiimote, the tentatively named Playstation Move? It releases late Fall of this year and it works. Those are not the answers to the most important questions. Since the launch of the Wii in 2006, countless titles employing the Wiimote have been released. The number of games that expertly incorporate the controller, making it feel crucial to the play experience and not an additional gimmick, you can count on two hands. As we welcome a new competitor to motion gaming, we might want to temper our expectations until we see software Sony depends on to succeed."

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Ziriux3141d ago

Is that it? Just cool, I take it you don't care too much, and own a Wii?

Ziriux3141d ago

Playstation Move has an interesting concept that seems to be fun, but watching a few demos at GDC, I'm unsure as to how well it'll perform with some more in-depth titles like Socom, which seems to be too easy from the video but than getting the hands on proved a little challenging. After a few sessions you really start feeling the great system it offers.

Cinotix3141d ago

Can you say, Wii wanna be technology.

Valay3141d ago

At this point, Move seems more promising than Natal.

Carnage12903141d ago

Playstation Arc was a way better name.

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