7.0 Metro 2033 PC Review

"Ultimately, Metro in 2033 a very exciting action thriller that borrows freely from both Bioshock and Half-Life 2.The narrative is simple but efficient and the atmosphere is fantastic. Urdumma enemy soldiers and a number of throughly stupid moments, however, draws down the grade with the fact that the PC version actually does not feel completely ready. To the total absence of course also multiplayer feels like a disappointement."

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Pandamobile3194d ago

Wow, a 7/10, wouldn't that mean MAG's a flop too?

TheBand1t3194d ago

I believe Marius is alluding to the fact that 360 fanboys were calling MAG a flop due to similar scores.

chidori6663194d ago

flop for game more hyped fpr bots in 2010.

but but looks better than killzone 2 my ass..

GiantEnemyCrab3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Oh this should be good.. PC vs PS3 fanboy fight.. Usually they align themselves with each other to crap on Xbox but this should be good.

@1.4: The PC version does look better than Killzone 2 as does many other PC games. I hope you aren't heading into being so delusional that you are now going to say the PS3 has better graphics than PC.

Michael-Jackson3193d ago

Flop score for the PC version, ohh dear... :-D

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callahan093194d ago

I can't stand it when critics dock points because doesn't have multiplayer, co-op, whatever the hell it is that they think every game under the sun needs to have. Just rate it based on what it is, not docking points because it isn't something else.

Udidntlistenpunk3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

even though Metro33 was never a 360 exclusive...

Marcus Fenix3194d ago

it's not needed in every game, even if it's an FPS, let's say I bought like 8 shooters this year and all of them have MP, there's no way im gonna play them all, I'll just try them out and stick to 2 or 3 of them and that's it, the market is full with MP games and content, so let's have some games that focus on SP only, coop is a nice feature in general but it wouldn't work well with an atmospheric game like this, there's no way I would want coop in Alan Wake, let alone that the pace of Metro 2033 isn't fast enough to warrant a multiplayer mode, however that's just my opinion.

mastiffchild3194d ago

Indeed.This isn't ODST which was stated as an expansion that grew and is, as far as I know a budget price title, so why dock points for what it hasn't got? You expect full features for less money or something?

Had ODST been cheaper i'd have given THAT a pass for having a ton of content I'd already paid for and Metro33 deserves credit for being a fresh IP prepared to try a few different things and release at a reasonable price and to knock it for lack of features is stupid to me.

Just review the effin quality of what there is. If the campaign is 5 hours long and the AI/story dim or graphics patchy then knock that but not this other easy BS.

-MD-3194d ago

Agreed, a game should never lose points for lacking a multiplayer mode especially if the game isn't designed for it.

Army_of_Darkness3194d ago

This game looks pretty cool... I don't give a Bone about multiplayer. Don't have 360 yet.. Don't know what my PC is even capable of... hmmm. [email protected] you gamereactor & your stupid reasons for deducting points!

vilanova3194d ago

but poor rewiew anyway,negative points were poorly elucidated
,no multiplayer, and this great point against? poor targeting system? to survive-horror this never was a problem.
PS:I hope the notes that site , not go for metacritic.

GiantEnemyCrab3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Completely agree with you about docking points for no MP or CoOp.

Single player games need to reviewed like SP games. These guys never promised MP and have always said it's a single player game.

I dunno why I just expect that kind of cheap shot as soon as I see it's a translated review. This is an english speaking site and we need to get rid of these foreign reviews that most of the time make no sense even after being translated.

cheese3194d ago

Absolutely. It's lazy and absentminded criticism.

ryuzu3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Well in their defence, firstly this is reminding a lot of a more linear version of STALKER - and for that reason alone it will seem disappointing if you've already played STALKER.

Also, these days, FPS always has some kind of multi. In fact, FPS have always been about multiplayer, at first as an additional mode and latterly as the primary mode with SP tacked on - to not have multiplay in FPS's is unusual and should be justified.

It's like having a car sim with no racing mode - just practice.

So when it comes to FPS in particular, a lack multi should be justified. STALKER justified it by being an open world game with RPG elements and other FPS crossover games have gotten away with it too.

These reviewers clearly feel that the base SP of Metro is not sufficiently diverse to justify no multiplayer component (in fact they say it gets boring half way through....).

To look at it another way - you have some cash and could get something like BFBC2 or this - BFBC is clearly better value given its significant MP mode. So you can see why they can't both be given the same score.


mastiffchild3193d ago

No, I can't. And not when, if it's true what I've been told, the game won't even cost what a normal big release does. Or do you expect more when it costs less? It's a new(ish) idea from a newish dev to big releases and the 360 version is only $40(or so I've been told a few times now-sorry if i've been misled)so it shoul get a free pass on the MP score esp since it'as just not suited to one.

In many ways it's FPS Resi and we all know how sh1t Versus was, don't we? Plus any multiplayer would have been a L4D rip in most ways so I think they were wise, esp with no MP experience on the staff, to sack it.

Danteh3193d ago

I told you in my other comment, this game is ok but nothing more... average Meta

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A change in the wind3194d ago

Notice how 360 sites give this game a 9, yet a PC site gives it a 7. Why? Because PC gamers have standards, unlike a dumb xbot who is so hungry for games, they`ll throw a 9 at a pile of poop.

jjesso19933194d ago

yeah taking points away for not having a certain fetures that developers didnt think where right is wrong lets hope other reviews just jugde it on what is not what it could be.

FantasyStar3194d ago

Yup, a game like Metro 2033 doesn't look like it features Multiplayer or even hints at it. So it's fine by me. However when you have a game like Killzone 2 that screams for split-screen support and Campaign Co-op (judging by how you always have a Partner AI next to you), that's a whole 'nother story!

Turin3194d ago

FantasyStar you have gone a bit off target with your pop at Killzone 2. The link you found between KZ2 and this topic is tenuous at best. KZ2 might not have Co-op or split screen but it has a perfectly good multi-player mode. Getting back on topic, I agree marking down a game purely because it does not have multi-player is very harsh. Many sites seem to adhere to this policy but I for one tend to prefer the single player experience. I feel reviews should highlight the absence of multi-player options rather than mark the game down because of it.

FantasyStar3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Had Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 been able to debut without any split-screen whatsoever, do you think it's fair to give MW2 the same treatment as say....Rainbow Six Vegas or Halo 3? The latter games having both split-screen? It's then considered "inexecusable" that a game like MW2 can be ranked as high as Halo 3/Rainbow Six Vegas but clearly lack a key feature that separates MW2 from Halo 3.

In Metro 2033's case. This game is not in the same league as Halo 3 or MW2 where the gameplay hints at a multiplayer feature. Metro 2033 will be compared to the likes like STALKER, Fallout 3, and Bioshock. Neither of games include a split-screen option, much less a multiplayer component (except Bioshock 2)

Killzone 2 is in the same league as Halo 3/Rainbow Six Vegas. Treating Killzone 2 any differently is like discriminating against special-needs children. Killzone 2 should be held to the same accountability as the latter games.

Turin3194d ago

FantasyStar this is an ill judged statement 'Treating Killzone 2 any differently is like discriminating against special-needs children.'

Comments on games never mind how you might disagree with them is nothing like discriminating against special needs children. That is a very poor analogy. I think you made that statement as a knee jerk reaction. Compared to the latter topic games and gaming mean nothing.

FantasyStar3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I see that you'd rather focus on irrelevant things like special-needs children and attacking me instead of putting forth a good counter-argument.

I'm done here. Clearly you're more interested in picking apart my posts instead of offering counter-evidence and a well-thought out argument.

Danteh3193d ago

Fantasy Star what are you talking about?

KZ2 doesn't have coop mostly for technical reasons...split screen wouldn't hold up with those graphics.

As for being in the same league of Halo and MW2, you bet, it has an awesome multiplayer and in my opinion, miles better than Halo 3 or MW2 multi. Killzone 2 is FPS made perfection :D

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Raider693194d ago

"The stunning polished Xbox 360 version"!Thats probably the reason its scoring high on the 360,and the reason im going all the way 360 on this one!

Chimerhazzard3194d ago

Aghh.. to developers and their lazy PC ports :(

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