Mario's Pipeline Show: Games You Don't Mind Watching Other People Play

You go to a friend's house and you see that they're in the middle of something. So you grab a soda, sit down next to them and watch them as they start to play their game.

Now, one of two things will happen. One might be that they will see that you're bored when you're quiet for a time, they will stop their game, and you'll all do something together.

OR you might find that you've lost track of time and have gotten into the game on a completely different level than the person actually playing the game… and REALLY had a great time just watching them play. So, what are some games that you all have found yourself quite content being controller-less? Start the conversation in the comments area after you watch the video.

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cb8103194d ago

I can't deal with just watching people play...

Ziriux3194d ago

Me neither, I literally get like a crack head and start rocking back and forth wanting to play it soooo bad.

SpaceSquirrel3194d ago

I watched my brother played Heavy Rain just to see the different outcomes =]

Smacktard3194d ago

I think the only thing more boring than watching others play games, is a video about games that are fun to watch people play.

My god, what a waste of time.

Ziriux3194d ago

Wtf! That video is not that exciting hehe.

I liked how they featured Bayonetta first. I love Bayonetta.

Shadow Man3194d ago

Just a few days ago, I watch the entire game scenes on justins tv. It was like watching a movie.

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