OnLive Could Theoretically Put Xbox 360 And PS3 Out of Commission

Cinemablend "with OnLive's launch looking about as concrete as any other top-tier gaming property out there, the possibility of it running the Xbox 360 and PS3 out of town is starting to look very real."

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TheHater3169d ago

lulz? I find that very funny
Do anyone remember the PHANTOM? Exactly.

RedDragan3169d ago


Especially as the Wii, 360 and PS3 can already do this with firmware updates!

NYC_Gamer3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Onlive wont take over the console market.....most pc elites wont even support that machine

Pennywise3169d ago

Wow, I know its Friday... but are all the bloggers drunk already?

Tony-A3169d ago

This thing will be running on multiplatform games... it'll be expensive (imagine paying $15 a month and feeling like you aren't getting your money's worth).... and everything is based on downloads.

I say "too early".

Come back in 2020 and I'm sure people would welcome OnLive with open arms.

Noctis Aftermath3169d ago

No i'm pretty sure people won't want to pay a subscription to be able to play games that they have already payed for in 2020 too.

Tony-A3169d ago

........... oh, thank god! I was hoping we won't put up with it.

A physical copy of something will always be my first choice. It's why I bought Warhawk on disc instead of via the PlayStation Store.

spektical3169d ago

physical copies are the way to go. Imagine buying a game (so you own the right to do what you want with the game, without violating copyright) via download, how are you going to share that game with your buddies?

firelogic3169d ago

Just because you bought a game or movie doesn't mean you own it. All you did was purchase a license to play/view it. Downloading a game is the same thing, you own the license to use it.

GarandShooter3169d ago

You're missing the point. Physical media retains greater value. You can trade it in, eBay it, loan it to a friend, etc. How do you do that with just those 0's and 1's stored on your hard drive?

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The story is too old to be commented.