Three Speech - Drakes's Fortune Q&A

A major upcoming titles for PlayStation, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune from the Naughty Dog team is set to pitch the player as an offspring of Sir Francis Drake, battling it out with the Spanish Armada and possible finding time for a quick game of bowls along the way.

The news is that this one's going to be cinematic in the extreme and a big title to look out for at E3. Here's a Q&A interview with Evan Wells (Co-President, Naughty Dog), Amy Hennig (Game Director, Naughty Dog) and Rich Diamant (Character Artist, Naughty Dog)

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would be great for this game

and heavenly sword should be

hazeblaze4179d ago

No, online for games like this, ngs, or heavenly sword would be pretty stupid. Online is great for shooters or strategy type games... doesn't fit action games very well. If there were multiple selectable characters that fit into the storyline, than an on-line co-op would be cool... otherwise, online just sucks for these type of games.


New here

Especially if your an avid fan of this game like I am. Still a decent read, though. There are some tidbits of new information straight from the horses mouth.

C'moonnn E 3

HeartlesskizZ4179d ago

but i dont know why they says it plays like gears of war, I played gears but this dont look nothing alike, is more of a male tombraider to

Rybnik4179d ago

It is because this game's combat system places emphasis on use of cover and the control and graphical interface is almost exactly lifted from GeoW. ND said many times that this game is a hybrid of Gears and Tomb Raider, and I think that is about right.

HeartlesskizZ4179d ago

Is this even multi player? or even online like gears?

techie4179d ago

Not that I'm aware of. Yet neither does God of War, or Tomb Raider, or ICO, or Shadow of the Collossus, or Devil May Cry, or Ninja Gaiden (except leader boards), or Prince of Persia, or ASSASSIN's CREED....


techie4179d ago

Lol they copied this interview from a magazine. HA! Threespeech ist naughty.

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