Game Informer: A Changing Battlefield

Having problems finding a decent match while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? You're not the only one. The list of competition-crippling bugs in the game is so long it looks like a tracking sheet of known issues from an alpha build. First it was the javelin glitch, an exploit that allowed players to become a suicide bomber, taking several enemies with them to the afterlife upon the explosion. Not to be outdone by the javelin, the akimbo shotguns came next, a fearsome dual-wielding kit with the range of an assault rifle that resulted in impossible long-distance deaths every round. And who could forget the nuke boosting, super speed care package knife deaths, players hiding in walls, elevator glitch, unlimited ammo, private matches that earned people experience, and the Ground War/Rust map bug?

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Alcon Caper3146d ago

Nope. I refuse to believe that it's that much of an issue. I've played every for the past month and nary a glitch to be seen. But I guess nothing should deter from more extraneous beta testing.

I still have a blast though.