Enchanted Arms video

Here is a first new video of Enchanted Arms, showing a bit of Yokohama and the first few meetings with the hyperactive Yuki.

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BIadestarX5410d ago

mmm. This game is turning out to be a great game. I'm buying this game when it comes out.

specialguest5410d ago

looks crappy for a next-gen console. the graphics honestly looks like devil may cry 3 for the PS2 or a slightly better FF10. i expected better, ouch!

MISSY E5410d ago

I like it! and it's style, you should see some of the PS3 games, they look exactly like PS2 games and in some cases N64 games.

specialguest5410d ago

i agree, there are PS3 games that look crappy too, like that game with the giant crab and Untold Legend.

xXx557xXx5410d ago

Your 360 games look like crape,, it look like a freaken the 70s games. You call that a next gen? Please even my blind dog can make better games than the 360 titles. You all are bunch of stupid moronic POS who should get kill for being so stupid.... hahahaha stupid 360 fan are soo homo...

Optimus Prime5410d ago

look at tekken 6 pics. looks like it is back on the n64. they blow and you fanboys think that game will be good. so funny. ssj, you are pathetic, you probably have no life, you get your mommy to buy all of your stupid consoles because you are a immature little kid. get your facts straight. we are playing while you are waiting for your ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.