Toshiba Launches Notebook With HD DVD Drive

The PC maker hopes its Satellite P205-S6347 will help boost sales of HD DVD disks, which have been outpaced by Blu-ray technology.

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genix134179d ago

They added HD-DVD drives to a laptop, not an entertainment center therefore the only people that will use this as their main movie player are college students, etc. I personally don't see how this will raise HD-DVD sales enough to match Blu-Ray sales.

cdzie14179d ago

I don’t think HD DVD laptop sales will have the same impact that PS3 sales have had on Blu-ray, but it is a great thing. Toshiba is using its laptops to get HD DVD in people’s hands (and minds). “Wait, I’ll get HD DVD because I can play movies in my laptop too!”

And think: Toshiba does sell 10 million laptops a year! 10 million HD DVD owners cannot be a bad thing!

ironwolf4179d ago

also has them available in their laptops and full size PCs.