Final Fantasy Fans Boo The Xbox 360 At Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party

Gary A Swaby of writes: This past Tuesday I was present at the Final Fantasy XIII launch party in London Oxford Circus, in which the producer Yoshinori Kitase and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo were present. Before the signings were held from the producer and art director, they held a competition on stage. When the presenter Alex Zane announced that the prize was an Xbox 360 Final Fantasy bundle, the whole crowd erupted with boo's. Keep in mind that the crowd was full of nothing but hardcore Final Fantasy fans.

Our full coverage of this Final Fantasy XIII launch party will be up later. We have exclusive interviews and pictures from the party, so make sure you check it out.

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PirateThom4714d ago

There's the fan response, your move Square Enix.

kwyjibo4714d ago

Their move will be purely dictated by revenue.

So I'm assuming motion control next.

FishCake9T44714d ago

Lol agreed. But i bet they could not hear the boos because SE were in the back room with MS.

ReBurn4714d ago

Yep, there's the fan response. Just shows how classy some fans can be.

sajj3164714d ago

Don't disagree that they're next step is dictated by revenue. I don't think motion control is in their cards at this point. Square didn't jump at Wii.

StanLee4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Correction; "PS3 fanboys boo the XBox 360 at Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party". There are many fans of the game who only own an XBox 360 and are happy to have the game on the platform. Those are fans of Final Fantasy and not a platform.

Megaton4714d ago

That was pretty funny, especially after the excited buildup from the guy on the mic.

Godmars2904714d ago

Sadly, they already gave it.

It involved bending over said fanbase, a pulling down of pants/lifting of skirts, and what happened in an episode of South Park w/Indy...

Poor Indy. Poor Lightening and crew. Poor actual FF fans...

JustinSaneV24714d ago

Yes, poor Final Fantasy fans who now have a choice of which console they would like to play one of their favorite series on. The horror of it all.

Biggest4714d ago

Real Final Fantasy fans knew better than to care about the 360 version. The people at that event already had the PS3 version on order as is. I'd boo that prize too. Don't try giving me the gift of standard definition.

likedamaster4714d ago

Fanboys still mad about the cross over. Hilarious. Bookmark this one fellas.

4714d ago
Kleptic4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

StanLee...this 'fanboy' crap is so old its ridiculous...most FF fans by nature own PS hardware because that was the exclusive platform to play FF games on for nearly 12 years, save the MMORPG...remember the PS3's launch? countless people in line were saying they were buying a PS3 for games like MGS4 and FFXIII despite both of them being years away at the time...

the real issue is not fanboys...its SE...who apparently refused to push FF as a series this time around (hence reviews being all over the place)...and pumping off a crap port to the 360 to make more money on a mediocre can't blame FF fans for being pissed off...its a pretty easy correlation to see that SE hasn't messed up a FF in years...yet the time they decide to embrace a different platform...they bomb it...and they have been doing that all generation...all kinds of stuff for the 360...and all kinds of stuff that would never have you believe that SE was once the pedigree developer and publisher of JRPGs...they are a joke now...

Sony and SE had a great run...Sony, MS, and SE are nothing together...its MS being thrilled to get mediocre games from a once great publisher/developer (i.e. Rare)...Sony seemingly isn't even worried about it...and SE is laughing all the way to the bank...I promise it will catch up...

lastly there isn't a self loving FF fan on earth that would settle for the 360 version of FFXIII...a series known for breathtaking FMV and cut scenes that are always at the forefront of console graphics has fallen to a state where its barely even mentionable visually this generation...and the 360 version does all that at near Wii like quality...the 360 version is ENTIRELY for kids that never played the 'real' FF games...and are now given a chance to try one without having to own PS that sense, great...just hope the new people realize that FFXIII is nothing compared to what made the series so famous...

WetN00dle694714d ago Show
IdleLeeSiuLung4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

I think this is what developers are talking about when fans themselves are destroying what they love and have a negative effect on the very franchise they love.

What is even more ironic is the fact that the Final Fantasy franchise has been available on most of Nintendo platform as far back as I can remember. It's not a Sony exclusive and the 360 version of FF XIII had no bearing on the PS3 version to boot!

Seeing the fan reaction (or hate), I'm even surprised the game sold on the 360!

edit: Perhaps this is the true color of Sony/FF fanatics!

PirateThom4714d ago

Please, the only fanboys here are FF fanboys.

Imagine going to an event for a game and the prize being a platform with the worst version of that game all because of an exclusive advertising deal.

Fans, the people who go to these things, know better and it's pathetic they tried to present it as a prize.

van-essa4714d ago

Really insane. Many games that were once exclusive to Microsoft (even Nintendo) have gone multiplatform, but you'll never see these kind of reaction from their users.

Some fans are just too extreme.

zootang4714d ago

Van-essa you are new to gaming this generation? It is easy to tell.

van-essa4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

I'm a "Final Fantasy fan" and if the company that makes the games has to release it on other platforms because of their expenses... then so be it.

"It's easy to tell that I'm new to gaming" because I don't see things the way you do? Ok, whatever you say.

Ju4714d ago

Well, it was a prize, no ? Just trade it in and get the version you want. Done with it. LOL

Solidus187-SCMilk4714d ago

Those are the people who were crying when it went to 360. I got both consoles and I might play FF13 someday but it doesnt seem like a game im gonna rush out and buy.

HAHAH at anyone who dresses up as a ff13 character and boos an electronic devices.

97gsx4714d ago

I think everyone understands that Microsoft gave square-enix a deal they couldnt refuse. No one would have been mad though if the game didnt have things cut. The game is wayyyyy to linear I am at chapter 7 and I have yet to see a real town. FFX was linear too but you still had the choice to return to towns and past areas to complete side tasks and grind.

Reply to Van-essa
I dont understand why you are defending this game as though it had a chance of not being released unless it was multiplatform?

TheBlackSmoke4714d ago

They are FF fanboys, it has nothing to do with PS3 vs 360. They are booing it because they know the 360 has gimped and delayed their game. All because greedy greedy microsoft has to have what the playstation has.


Sorry but you cant really compare MS timed exclusives from earlier this gen (most of which were due to there being no PS3 at the time) to the pedigree and fanbase of the Final fantasy franchise on playstation for over 13 years. But again its not a PS3 loosing an exclusive that they are mad at, its how that has effected the game that they are pissed about.

Montrealien4714d ago

omg, the internetz fanboy attitude is starting to leak out into the real world...

the end is near.

holyorangecows24714d ago

You mean PS3 fanboys response that's the only people I would see booing at FF being on the xbox 360. Are they still bitter about losing it as an exclusive wow move on. You still get to play it and your version is better so why b!tch. More people get to play the game it's a good thing.

blind-reaper4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

that is what happens when you try to give the consumer two half-assed products in one same package!

edgeofblade4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Mob mentality at it's worst. Is this how you really want the rest of the world to think of gamers? Petty children and stuck-up brats?

Face it, this display isn't doing anyone any good.

This game is a breaking point in the industry. It will devide the gamers from the interactive movie watchers, the gamers from the shallow fanboys, the gamers from the japanophiles.

As for me, I picked my side carefully, and while this doesn't prove I picked the "right" side, I most certainly didn't pick the wrong side...

Rockox4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

My cousin is a FF fan and he only owns a 360, so he's happy about FFXIII coming to the platform, because it means he doesn't need to spend $300 on a PS3 to play the game. "Gimped version" or not, he gets to play the game.

So, in his case, Microsoft stealing any exclusivity away worked.

Pika-pie4714d ago

@ 97gsx

I think you might be pleasently suprised with Chapter 8.

Nice little exploration of Nautilis and even a Chocobo minigame :))

SoX FireBlade4714d ago

if they were real fans they wouldn't care on what system they will get

It's not an online game so you can boo a version of a game that is almost identical and the only difference is graphics

StanLee4714d ago

Please get off the internet. Real gamers, those who play games and aren't on internet forums posting stupid comments, don't care! If a gamer owns only a PS3, he doesn't care what the XBox 360 version of a game is like and vice versa. Standing on its own, the XBox 360 version is a good game. Of course when compared to it's PS3 counterpart, it's inferior but who cares besides fanboys? No one! If you own a PS3, get it on PS3; you own a Xbox, get it on XBox and if you own both, just get the better version on the PS3. What is there to boo or argue about?! It's just fcuking retarded what this crap has come to and it's only on the internet. When I talk to gamers at Gamestop or something, they don't care. They don't care about reviews, or graphic comparisons or bullspit like that.

Udidntlistenpunk4714d ago


Im enjoying FF13 thoroughly.

The story is actually quite good. The characters are wack but the relations and the interaction between characters are actually quite good.

Square enix has finally succeeded in creating an environment where EVERY character is being used and developed. Even the ones who are less charismatic.

JustinSaneV24714d ago

It still doesn't detract the fact that the Final Fantasy series isn't and never was truly a "Playstation franchise".

Shadowstar4714d ago


"What is there to boo or argue about?!"

Most people probably don't consider FF13 worth 360$, and that's totally understandable, and if you're talking about expenses, the Xbox 360 version is just fine-- but as a prize? I get the booing. If you're hoping for a prize, you're going to hope for the best version, not the one that's okay, so long as you don't look at the competition's version.

HolyOrangeCows4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

"You mean PS3 fanboys response that's the only people I would see booing at FF being on the xbox 360. Are they still bitter about losing it as an exclusive wow move on. You still get to play it and your version is better so why b!tch. More people get to play the game it's a good thing"

I'm almost flattered that I get to 360 fanboys so much that they make dummy accounts of me.
They're not PSTREE FANBOIS, they're final fantasy fans, and FF has a long PS history.

working4games4714d ago

I'd probably boo too unless I won it. Then at least I could E-Bay FFXIII and use the money for something worth getting on X-Box. Hell, I'd love to get a free 360 since I don't see myself buying one in the foreseeable future...that is unless they build in the wi-fi, use regular 2.5" HDDs, make Live free, and get more actual exclusives (most games I would want on the 360 I can already get for my gaming PC, cheaper and looking way better). One can dream I suppose.

nnotdead4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

i think everyone is missing the point of the boos. its not because of the 360 vs PS3, like the fanboys on N4G are screaming. the FF fans are booing because of the believe that the 360 caused the linearity and all around dumbing down of the game. lets not forget they believe FFXIII was also delayed because of the 360. now if you want to go and argue those points then go ahead.

4714d ago
ShadowJetX4714d ago

I see some comments here regarding the graphics, which I find kinda funny. When a game comes out multi plat, Xbox fans will bash the inferior PS3 version (I saw this in the case of Star Ocean 4 after the some screen comparisons. But when the 360 just happens to be inferior, Xbox fans well be like, what ever it's still a great game and leave it at that (keep in mind, I play on all 3 main platforms, PS3, 360 and Wii). Everything always seems to be about some sort of console war or something else, when in the end it's a meticore game that people of both consoles can enjoy and leave it at that, but no.

Inferior version? Sure, but who gives a damn.

Same game? Sure, I'd settle for either, but it'd prefer the better version if possible (not that I really plan on buying the game, I might rent it at the very least).

y0haN4714d ago

Everyone knows this game is basically a PS3 exclusive in terms of sales and in terms of version quality any way.

rroded4714d ago

soo funny

gj squeenix

NeoBasch4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

You guys, the game is still good, despite which platform you get it for. Obviously, the PS3 version is far superior, but the direction is still top-notch. I'm sure many a 360 fan will appreciate this game no matter how inferior. What if Mass Effect 2 was ported to the PS3? What if EA gave us a crappy port, similar to the 360 version of FFXIII? You guys would still appreciate the game for what it is, right? It's a great game.

Don't get me wrong, I would have still largely preferred SE to have kept FFXIII exclusive, and perhaps spent more time with the Cell. The game has a marvelous presentation that could have been given that extra bit of polish with a little more focus. Regardless, the game is good. I'm happy 360 gamers are finally experiencing something other than WRPGs and Shooters. Maybe MS will expand their focus beyond USA. Their library suffers enough without 'em.

pixelsword4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Whoa, I did NOT expect that.

It's not PS3 fans booing, it's fans of the franchise. Fans of the franchise don't give a rip about the console it's on, but if they think the console it's on gimped the game they wanted to play, of course they're going to be upset.

If you want to chock it down to PS3 fans, then that's a slippery-slope to go down. I say that because I don't think anyone was cheering, either booing or laughing, so what people here are suggesting is that NO 360 fans came to a Final Fantasy gaming event? Not likely. That's a sorry attitude to have if you try to alter that obvious reality because it doesn't favor people's preference in that clip.

It's the same thing like when that Sony executive said that Final Fantasy XIV was going to be PS3 exclusive and some people in the crowd laughed; you can't control reality, and you look stupid when you try to explain stuff like that away, PS3 or 360 fanboy.

Those were REAL FINAL FANTASY FANS: not fake fans like on a website like here or other sites where people merely post that they love the game but never actually played it nor intend to play it.

In the real world Final Fantasy fans were obviously ticked-off at the 360 version; I didn't expect it myself, but facts are facts, that wasn't staged, or some photoshopped image.

commodore644714d ago

Must have been angry n4g ps3 fans.

pixelsword4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )


Okay, THAT was funny!

You get bubbles for that one, that actually caught me by surprise and made me laugh.

Homicide4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Are you sure they weren't saying boo-urns?

97gsx4714d ago

someone on kotaku said the exact joke lol.

Yea I have the same feeling ff fans buy the games regardless of system. I remember buying a gamecube just for the ff spinoff crystal chronicles.
In this case the game was definitely altered to appease both systems. Lost odyssey had towns lots of them but they cut back on fmvs due to lack of space. Well in this case the towns and side missions were cut. Fans are pissed and I hope square learns from this.

Ravage274714d ago

that's what you get when you offer inferior products as prize

Consoldtobots4714d ago

wow alot of real BUTTHURT 360 fanboys in this thread. What did you guys expect? To suddenly be lovingly embraced by FF fanboys? lol
Especially when it is known that your version is the one responsible for the game being dissapointing in the eyes of many. good luck with that.
Then again I guess the lies about being "the people's choice/console" crumbling like a house of cards at a press conference would make any fanboy mad.

Millah4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

I'm sure a lot of the FF devs at Square might even feel the same way and would have done things a little differently given creative freedom, but their hands are currently tied. Wadas failed obsession with trying to westernize their games is completely unnecessary and has destroyed almost every single Squaresoft and Enix game series. Why can't he realize that Final Fantasy became successful for being a great game with their unique Japanese style. They don't need to specifically appeal to the West, the West enjoys the Japanese flavor. I don't know though, it seems more and more that Wadas ignorance has been spreading to the developers there as well. Kitase seems to be one of them.

After playing FF13 for a while now, I've pretty much concluded that Final Fantasy is dead. Its an above average RPG, but its just not Final Fantasy anymore. No, not because its on Xbox 360, I loved Lost Odyssey and that was a 360 exclusive, but because it simply is not a Final Fantasy game anymore. As far as I'm concerned, "The Last Story" will be the new Final Fantasy.

vhero4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Real hardcore final fantasy fans would have bought it for PS3 and not gone to 360 launch party nuff said.. I did.. I bought a PS3 only weeks after FFXIII was announced for PS3 that's how much of a hardcore fan I am these guys are not fans.

Parapraxis4713d ago

"Real hardcore final fantasy fans would have bought it for PS3 and not gone to 360 launch party".
360 launch party?
That is a FINAL FANTASY XIII launch party.

Christopher4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Really? How else where they to show their dislike for the prize? Leave the whole event? Start a petition right then and there?

I think the response was appropriate and pretty spot on for most FFXIII fans. And, I'm fairly certain there were a few in the crowd who were very happy, including the one guy on stage who was raising his hand in joy, but the obvious majority are fans of the series on the PS3 for whatever reason there may be.

lelo2play4713d ago

Didn't they receive the game on their system, so what's the big deal if it goes to another system.

What else to be said then... Fanboys are SOOOOO STUPID.

EvilBlackCat4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

well fans dont do the same when a nintendo final fantasy show up or am i wrong?

this preference for just one console/platform is just seriously stupid

its sad to see "gamers" going behind just one console instead of sharing their loved games with other gamers

fanboys are fanboys and gamers are gamers

somebody commented: "That's rough, I guess this is what happens when you turn on your fanbase "

if you are a true fan of a game title you will try to play all related games That is a true fan but what you have here is different what you have here is morons believing that Final Fantasy is just for PS3.

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xaviertooth4714d ago

a trash reaction is only fitting for a trash version.

Noble Spartan4714d ago

Confirmed PS3 Trolls are the biggest lowlifes ever. I mean they went to the launch party to Boo the Xbox 360 Version ( Scoring Higher on metacritic ;) also PS3 suffering SD Tearing )

Ha Ha Don't think they have no games to play, thats why they going there.

TheBlackSmoke4714d ago

Its not a coincidence that this is the poorest reviewed Final Fantasy in over a decade. 360's crappy dvd9 is responsible for this game being a shell of what the original vision was.

Wrathman4714d ago

this video is hilarious..its a bunch of over-aged emo students that look like they have dressed as the cast from final fantasy.

and considering the xbox is the leading console in the uk,it shows wot a bunch of butt hurt fanboys are in that crowd.

Trebius4714d ago

They're booing because they know the 360 is responsible for the game getting chopped up, losing 60 hours of content and on top of that, runs at SUB HD with compressed video and audio?

NOOO that cant be why they're booing.

You xbots are funny.


How do you know they were PS3 Fans or Final Fantasy Fans?

They wanted the HD Version. So stop whining.

robotnik4714d ago

Xbox is the worst console ever.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_4714d ago

But London??? That is in the UK. I always thought the UK love the xBox 360!!! ;-D

Good 1 'Final Fantasy Fans'!!! ;-D

Shane Kim4714d ago

They want the best version. Pretty simple to get.

Ultraplayerxd4714d ago

have u guys ever thought that maybe they were booing because they knew how inferior the 360 version of FF13 was? they are FF fans after all. I mean if the prize I was gonna get was the gimped one I'd be booing too.

badbond14714d ago

you my man. My main man. It's pretty sad!

lh_swe4713d ago

You are joking right...right?

It's one thing to have gripes with a console, it's another to fabricate lies, especially one as pathetic as that, did you really think that would work?

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mrmikew20184714d ago

That's rough, I guess this is what happens when you turn on your fanbase

Bea Arthur4714d ago

Although it is possible to own a 360 only and still be a FF fan. I own a 360 but opted for the PS3 version as it was clearly better. Even so, being a PS fan and being a FF fan are not mutually exclusive.

JustinSaneV24714d ago

Gee, just like when Square sold out to the Playstation when they left Nintendo behind?

ReBurn4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Seems a lot of people have trouble understanding that there are Final Fantasy fans that, for whatever reason, own a 360 but not a PS3. Being a fan of Final Fantasy shouldn't mean that you have to pledge an oath of loyalty to Sony.

And for those preaching "Sony faithful" out there, it's possible that if the previous Xbox were as big of a competitor in the last generation as they are in the current generation that the exclusivity may have ended a decade ago. I guess it's ok to feel that exclusivity is an act of love, but at the end of the day it's a business decision. And we're seeing how a different market affects those decisions.