Splinter Cell Conviction Demo Confirmed

XXLGaming writes, "Ubisoft released a small video today containing some Q & A about the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction. In the video, we get confirmation that a demo will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace."

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BreakNeckSpeed3765d ago

I hate that people still use pictures from the old build of conviction with new story articles for the game. Theres tonnes of new pictures of the game. People are so lazy!

rwallace3765d ago

Sorry just grabbed the first thing I could when creating the graphic. Its the content that counts though, right?

Rockox3765d ago

I wasn't expecting a demo to come out for this. Great news.

Bea Arthur3765d ago

That is awesome. I hope it's one of the co-op modes.

LuvBurger3765d ago

Excellent. That's all I can really say. Hopefully the Mrs will allow me to use some of our tax refund money so that I can pre-order this, Alan Wake, GT5, and buy GOW III and MLB 10.

The key word in that sentence is "hopefully". I think I can convince her with a new Coach bag.

IdleLeeSiuLung3765d ago

Ahhh, that is just an evil cycle!

... but I hear ya.

Dread3765d ago

the coach bag is probably more expensive than all those games put together dude.

LuvBurger3765d ago


Its a cycle that has worked for 17 years


Sometimes you have to spend a lot to get a little.

Welcome to the policies and procedures of marriage

ian723765d ago

What about PC. Does that get a demo?

Aphe3765d ago

I don't see why it wouldn't, I hope so anyway.

rwallace3765d ago

That will be one of the questions I ask Ubisoft at PAX East. As stated, I would not see why a demo would not come out for the PC, but in this day and age speculation is always a downfall.

ikral3765d ago

When does it comes to PS3?

rwallace3765d ago

There has been no mention of anything that I have seen or heard to this point.

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