Microsoft Rumored to Be Closing in on a Hulu Deal for Xbox 360

It looks like owners of the Xbox 360 will soon be able to do what so many others have struggled to do. According to a source close to Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, the house that Seamus [Blackley] built is looking to add Hulu to the Xbox 360 via a channel similar to

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

is going paid soon...Live sub/Netflix sub/ Hulu Sub...forget it.

Pennywise3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Who cares... Hulu will not be free much longer.

Wow, thanks for changing your comment to make me look like an echo.

deadreckoning6663767d ago

Who needs Hulu when you have a on the PS3s web browser?

StanLee3767d ago

They've been working on this deal for over a year and a half. It's about time we heard something definitive.

3767d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3767d ago

I find that use Netflix and streaming services much more when they are tied to the console and I can use a remote (or in rare instances a pad) to navigate the stuff.

This rumour about going paid subscription has been going on for a long time, and I frankly doubt they will make it all paid. Hulu has even stressed the importance of the free and paid for by advertising model they currently have.

Looking forward to seeing Hulu on the 360 if that is true! It would be huge!

Tony-A3767d ago, dude. The owners of Hulu said it themselves.

They're charging in order to bring in more movies and shows to the service. Some channels don't agree with Hulu's free service, so making a fee would bring them over.


People who don't have or want a PS3...

xTruthx3767d ago

This is good for 360 only owners, but the ps3 has a lot of sites to get free movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons and so on for free since it has a built in web browser,

Boldy3767d ago

Actually I read in USA Today a couple weeks ago that Hulu was going to remain free in the sense of what we get currently.

Their pricing will be as follows:
- $15 a month for full seasons of TV Shows (shows won't expire for you)
- $5 a month for commercial free streaming
- FREE for what you have currently (commercials, shows expire etc.)

Tinted Eyes3767d ago

Why do they focus on getting things like facebook twitter hulu instead of more first party developers and more games?

IdleLeeSiuLung3767d ago

Again, the fact that they haven't done anything indicates to me that very little will change. They might make a two (or even three) tiered service where the basic stuff is free.

Most likely what is free will remain free because we all know, if you change your service after the fact. People tend to get upset and move away!

That is probably why they haven't changed anything with repeated comments about charging. Even in the article you posted, only 17% CONSIDERED, yes CONSIDERED paying for the service if it was reasonable. Granted that is not a necessarily representative survey, it is indicative.

The free service is here to stay... unless it is not financially possible.


Tinted keep people like you talking and wondering...

holyorangecows23767d ago

Are they really? If it's true then that would suck but maybe it can be free for gold members that would be great news but if you have to pay then I will pass.

kaya3767d ago

I love hulu! but at a price... I'm not even remotely interested. It'll just turn into another waste of real estate on my xbox.

darkmurder3767d ago

I'm getting sick of this, seeing as I get no access to this in Australia can't MS just invest in games for once rather than media? They already floor the Ps3 so why do they need to keep massacring it while the PS3 massacres it with games.

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Godmars2903767d ago

And just think: they actively blocked the PS3.


IdleLeeSiuLung3767d ago

They might want to negotiate with Sony as well for PS3 access....

Godmars2903767d ago

Except they, and PS3 owners, were getting it under the exact same terms PC users get it for "free." Just have to watch commercials.

Still do if you use PlayOn.

GunShotEddy3767d ago

If it's considered part of the Gold membership, it would work two-fold. It would warrant the Hulu sub and the gold sub on XBL. But it would have to be included in the gold membership to work. IMHO

vhero3767d ago

wont be included in your gold as hulu itself will be more than gold so you think MS are gonna fork up the rest?? The point of Gold is for MS to use the money to fund everything else. This won't be good for anybody as it will be yet another fee.

Biggest3767d ago

It's free TV that you have to pay for. Screw Hulu.

plb3767d ago

If it's free for gold members I say bring it.

Cenobia3767d ago

That would certainly fall in line with Microsoft's MO.....

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